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Black Night Parade Manga Gets Live-Action Film, Premier on 3rd December

(Last Updated On: August 4, 2022)

Hikaru Nakamura’s “Black Night Parade” will be made into a live-action movie. Ryo Yoshizawa will star and Yuichi Fukuda will direct and will be released nationwide on December 23rd. “Black Night Parade” is a story about Miharu Hino, a young man who spends his days working part-time at a convenience store after failing to take university entrance exams or find a job. 

A comedy that unfolds when Miharu, who can’t do anything, finds a job at a company called “Black Santa Claus,” which delivers disappointing gifts to bad children. After being serialized in Weekly Young Jump in 2016, it is currently being serialized in Ultra Jump and Digital Margaret (all published by Shueisha). The book has been published in up to 7 volumes.

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In addition, the cast of friends surrounding Miharu, who plays Yoshizawa, has also been revealed. Kanna Hashimoto plays the role of Shino Hojo, a colleague of Miharu who works together at Santa Claus House, a company that distributes gifts to children worldwide. 

Taishi Nakagawa will play the role, and Keisuke Watanabe will play the role of Teppei Furuhira, a quiet and expressionless colleague who cares about Miharu . Furthermore, a 30-second special video and cast visuals have arrived. The state of Naru Miharu was captured.

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