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Bleach’s Creator Redefines Heroism: Ichigo is not a HERO according to Tite Kubo

The Bleach Thousand Year Blood War Arc is finally back, and fans couldn’t be more thrilled to see their favorite soul reapers return to the screen. After a long hiatus, Tite Kubo’s shonen masterpiece has made a powerful comeback, bringing back Ichigo and the Soul Society to face their greatest challenge yet. In a recent interview, Kubo and Masakazu Morita, the voice of Ichigo in Japan, discussed their love for the series and what it means to be a hero in anime.

Tite Kubo (Author) / Ichigo (Fictional Character)

Kubo revealed that he was inspired to become a superhero as a child when he watched Kamen Rider, a popular TV series at the time. He and his friends would pretend to be Kamen Riders in the schoolyard, and Kubo would always pretend to be Kamen Rider V3. This childhood inspiration led to the creation of Bleach, a series that has captivated audiences around the world with its complex characters and epic battles.

Despite spending years with Ichigo as Bleach’s star, Kubo is still hesitant to call him a hero with absolute certainty. For him, heroes are characters like GeGeGe no Kitaro and Saint Seiya, who are not quite heroes in the traditional sense. But for fans of the series, there is no doubt that Ichigo is a hero. He has saved his friends and the Soul Society from countless threats, risking his life to do so.

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The second cours of the Blood War Arc is set to arrive this July, and fans are eagerly anticipating the release. Studio Pierrot has confirmed a summer release, and while a specific date has yet to be revealed, fans can expect to see the Soul Society engage in some of the biggest sword battles in the series to date. After the devastating battles against the Wandenreich that nearly saw Ichigo and his friends perish, the stakes have never been higher for the soul reapers.

In conclusion, Bleach’s return has been a long time coming, and fans are excited to see Ichigo and his friends return to the screen. While Kubo may not be sure if Ichigo is a hero, fans know that he is a true hero in every sense of the word. The upcoming battles in the Blood War Arc promise to be epic, and fans can’t wait to see what Kubo has in store for them.


Source – Viz Media

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