Blue Giant Anime Movie Arrives in North America this October

(Last Updated On: September 14, 2023)

GKIDS has recently unveiled exciting news for anime enthusiasts in North America. They’ve officially announced the screening dates for the anime adaptation of Shinichi Ishizuka’s acclaimed manga, “Blue Giant.” This highly anticipated film will grace select North American theaters on October 8-9, promising an immersive cinematic experience.

The North American premiere is set to take place in New York on October 6, hosted by Japan Society, and will feature the film’s composer, the renowned Hiromi Uehara.

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The movie initially premiered in Japan on February 17, and its captivating storyline managed to amass an impressive 116,561,020 yen (approximately US$867,600) in just its first three days. As of April 9, it has crossed the remarkable milestone of earning over 1 billion yen. Notably, the film offered a sneak preview screening at the 2023 Annecy International Animation Film Festival in June, garnering even more attention from global audiences.

At the creative helm of this cinematic masterpiece is Yuzuru Tachikawa, known for his work on “Death Parade,” all three seasons of “Mob Psycho 100,” and “Deca-Dence.” Studio NUT brings the visuals to life, ensuring a visual treat for viewers. The screenplay is expertly crafted by NUMBER 8, the editor of the “Blue Giant” manga and the story director for its sequel, “Blue Giant Supreme.” TOHO Animation is spearheading the film’s distribution, assuring its wide reach.

The film’s soul-stirring jazz performances, integral to the story, are composed by the world-renowned pianist Hiromi Uehara. Hiromi also lends her piano skills to the character Yukinori Sawabe. Tomoaki Baba, a talented saxophonist, breathes life into the character Dai with his saxophone melodies. Shun Ishiwaka, the drummer of the popular Millennium Parade band, takes charge of the drums for Shunji Tamada.

Blue Giant Anime Movie

For those unacquainted with the source material, Seven Seas Entertainment is currently publishing Shinichi Ishizuka’s 10-volume “Blue Giant” manga series, condensed into five omnibus volumes. The manga unfolds the compelling journey of Miyamoto Dai, a basketball-loving student whose life takes an extraordinary turn when he encounters a live jazz performance. Struck by the music’s sheer brilliance, he makes an impulsive decision to dedicate himself to mastering the saxophone, despite lacking formal training and skills. Ishizuka’s manga is a captivating narrative that explores the profound influence of music and the unrelenting passion that drives individuals to pursue their dreams.

Ishizuka, renowned for his work on “Gaku – Minna no Yama,” originally introduced “Blue Giant” in Big Comic in May 2013, concluding it in August 2016. The manga garnered accolades, earning nominations for the eighth and ninth Manga Taisho Awards in 2015 and 2016, respectively. It reached its pinnacle when it clinched the Grand Prize in the Manga Division at the 20th Japan Media Arts Festival Awards in 2017.

Following the success of “Blue Giant,” Ishizuka embarked on a sequel manga, “Blue Giant Supreme,” serialized in Big Comic from September 2016 to April 2020, spanning an impressive 10 volumes. To further expand the universe, the mangaka launched yet another sequel titled “Blue Giant Explorer” in May 2020, ensuring that fans of this captivating series have more to look forward to.

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With a cumulative circulation of 10 million copies, the “Blue Giant” manga series has left an indelible mark on readers worldwide, and now, its anime adaptation is poised to make an equally profound impact on the silver screen.


Source | GKIDS’ Twitter account

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