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Blue Lock Chapter 225 Spoilers: Hiori’s Entry and Isagi’s Determination

(Last Updated On: July 16, 2023)

Exciting developments await fans in Blue Lock Chapter 225, as leaked spoilers and raw scans reveal an intriguing turn of events. The manga is reaching new heights, with Hiori set to join the match alongside Isagi.

As Isagi strives to score the goal, Hiori’s strategic insights and knowledge of the players may prove instrumental in their quest. However, challenges lie ahead, as formidable opponents like Kaiser and Lorenzo stand in their way. With the chapter titled “Raid Battle,” a surprise attack from Snuffy awaits.

Additionally, the upcoming Chapter 256, titled “Resignation Notice,” signifies a change in the coaching dynamic. In this unique article, we explore the leaked spoilers and delve into the exciting possibilities that await in Blue Lock Chapter 225.

Blue Lock Chapter 225 Recap

Chapter 225 picks up from the previous chapter, where Barou’s goal attempt unfolds. Gagamaru, determined not to be outwitted, anticipates Barou’s moves and successfully blocks his shot. This frustrates Barou, but Gagamaru’s interception inspires Isagi.

Gagamaru passes the ball to Isagi, reigniting his motivation. With Yukimiya on his left and Noa supporting from the right, Isagi embarks on his exhilarating sprint towards the Ubers’ goalpost. Along the way, he faces challenges from Aiku and the Ubers players, including Lorenzo and Aryu. However, Isagi’s resilience and Metavision guide him as he seeks to seize this golden opportunity.

Blue Lock Chapter 225 holds promise and excitement for readers, with Hiori’s imminent entry into the match and Isagi’s determination to score the goal. The leaked spoilers hint at intense moments and unexpected obstacles as Isagi’s path unfolds.

Blue Lock Chapter 225 Spoilers

In Blue Lock Chapter 225, the intense match continues as Barou attempts to score a goal. However, Gagamaru anticipates his move and successfully blocks the shot. Frustrated, Barou’s failed attempt motivates Isagi.

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Gagamaru, recognizing Isagi’s determination, throws the ball towards him, reigniting Isagi’s drive. With Yukimiya and Noa by his side, Isagi puts his Metavision to the test and strategizes the shortest route to the goalpost.

Despite facing challenges from Aiku and the Ubers players, Isagi manages to regain possession and passes the ball to Yukimiya. With just meters left and formidable opponents like Lorenzo and Aryu in his way, Isagi’s journey to score the goal intensifies in this thrilling chapter.


With the dynamic interplay of characters and the evolving gameplay, Blue Lock continues to captivate fans with its intense soccer narrative. As we eagerly anticipate the chapter’s release, we anticipate further surprises, challenges, and the prospect of Isagi’s ultimate triumph in this thrilling world of Blue Lock.

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