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Blue Lock Soccer Manga Inspiring a TV anime With 2022 Premiere

(Last Updated On: August 13, 2021)

On August 12, it was revealed that the soccer manga “Blue Lock”, which was originally written by Muneyuki Kaneshiro and drawn by Yusuke Nomura, which is serialized in “Weekly Shonen Magazine” (Kodansha), will be made into a TV animation and will be broadcast in 2022. became. Kazuki Ura plays the main character, high school student Isagi Yoichi, in a manga depicting the battle of the players who participated in the Blue Lock (blue prison) project that raises strikers who will lead Japan to the World Cup championship. It was also announced that Tasuku Kaito will play the role of Bachira Meguru, Yuki Ono will play the role of Rensuke Kunigami, and Soma Saito will play the role of Chigiri Hyoma.

The staff also includes:

  • Prop Design: Hisashi Higashijima, Yuri Nakajima, Kaori Kyōzu
  • Special Effects Animation Director: Akane
  • Color Key Artist: Sakura Komatsu
  • Art Design: Shinji Sugiyama
  • Art Director: Sawako Takagi
  • Backgrounds: Studio Wyeth
  • Composiing Director of Photography: Yoshihiro Asagi
  • Photography: Chiptune
  • 3D CG Director: Norimitsu Hirosawa
  • 3D CG: Aura Studio
  • Visual Concept: Toshiyuki Yamashita (Hyperbole)
  • Special Effects Processing: Toshiyuki Yamashita, Rina Mitsuzumi
  • 2D CG Monitor Graphics: Yasukazu Asano (Emitai)
  • Editing: Mai Hasegawa (EditZ)
  • Sound Director: Fumiyuki Go
  • Sound Producer: Bit Grooove Promotion
  • Animation Producer: Tsutomu Hirano
Blue Lock Soccer Manga Inspiring a TV anime With 2022 Premiere
© Muneyuki Kaneshiro, Yusuke Nomura, Kodansha / “Blue Lock” Production Committee

Tetsuaki Watanabe, such as “Powerful Professional Baseball Powerful High School Edition,” will be the director, and Taku Kishimoto, such as “Silver Spoon,” will be responsible for the series composition and screenplay. Produced by Eight Bit such as “IS <Infinite Stratos>”. A teaser visual with characters such as Kiyoyoichi and a teaser PV have also been released.

Mr. Ura, who plays the role of Kiyosei, said, “Kiyoshi-kun, of course, has a hot part, but somehow it’s too objective, or the calm part is stronger. But in” Blue Rock “, I feel the opposite impression from the appearance of growing up influenced by the ego around me and exposing my ego more and more, and I think that is his charm. I am still a blue newcomer, but as an egoist, I want to grow as a striker through my work with him! “

Mr. Kaito, who plays the role of Hiraku, said about the original, “I couldn’t stop reading it, and I was drawn into it in a blink of an eye. Especially, I felt that the emphasis on individual abilities and play was novel, and I felt that it was unique. Characters are coming out one after another, and I think it’s a work that keeps an eye on the expansion and growth of their possibilities. “

Mr. Ono, who plays the role of Rensuke Kunigami, said, “As a former soccer boy, I read soccer manga to some extent, but when I first read” Blue Lock, “I was shocked. The game. I felt the excitement that can only be experienced in “Blue Lock”. “

Mrs. Saito, who plays the role of Chikiri Panther, said, “The drama and hot parts of each character are also very attractive, but they are not only sullen, but also sick of their attitude of trying to reach the answer in an appropriate way. Recording hasn’t started yet, but since all the characters are unique, I’m sure that the anime will be an unconventional work.

“Blue Rock” is based on Mr. Kaneshiro’s original work such as “As the Gods Will” and “We did it”, and Mr. Nomura is in charge of drawing. Serialized in “Weekly Shonen Magazine” from 2018. The project Blue Lock, which lists the country to create the “absolute ace striker” that will lead Japan to the soccer World Cup victory, will start, and 300 high school students gathered will fight. The manga have been released up to the 14th volume, and the cumulative circulation is over 4.5 million. The latest 15 volumes will be released on August 17th.


Source – Mantan Web

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