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“Blue Rock” The visual and character PV Released!

(Last Updated On: April 14, 2022)

From the TV anime ” Blue Lock ” based on the original work by Muneyuki Kaneshiro and Yusuke Nomura, the visual and character PV of Chigiri Hyoma has been released.

“Blue Lock,” which will be broadcast in 2022, is a soccer animation depicting 300 strikers gathered to win the World Cup. In “Visual of Egoist –CHIGIRI HYOMA”, although he is usually at his own pace, he cuts into the enemy’s camp when he stands on the pitch, but he decides to shoot with a fighting expression.

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Also, in the character PV, the spotlight was on the shreds that wore a cool and ephemeral atmosphere, and with the trauma of the past, the thought of shreds that “I came to” Blue Rock “to give up my soccer life” was included. ..

In addition, a comment from Soma Saito, who plays the role of Chikiri, also arrived. Saito commented on the charm of Chikiri: “It’s irresistible that he, who was cold compared to everyone at first, can run on the field with his own will. I think it’s very cool. “

At the current recording stage, it is not so hot yet, but as those who read the original know, the time of flowering will come again.

He was cold compared to everyone at first, but it is irresistible that he can run on the field with his feet of his own will. I think it’s very cool to keep polishing one weapon with absolute confidence.

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All the characters are really nice, but I personally like the relationship between Nagi and Reio. Especially, I feel every sympathy for Reio.

I like Ario’s fashionable feeling, and I also like the trickster feeling of Shido, and first of all, Eshin’s character is outstanding. I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of facial expressions each character will have.

I also read the original and became a fan of the work because of their heat. By the time this comment is released, I think that the recording will be in progress, so I will do my best to run through it with the shreds. Above all, I can’t wait to see them actually moving in the field. Please wait for a while until the broadcast and enjoy the world of Blue Lock on the air! Thank you for your cooperation!


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