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Bocchi The Rock! Gets Spinoff Manga

Houbunsha’s Comic Fuz manga app and website announced on Sunday that Aki Hamaji’s four-panel manga Bocchi the Rock! will get a spinoff manga. The announcement has excited fans of the original series and left them eagerly awaiting further details.

Bocchi the Rock! is a manga series that centers around a young girl named Saku who dreams of becoming a rock star. The manga follows Saku as she forms a band with her friends and works to achieve her goal.

The spinoff manga’s announcement did not reveal any specifics about the plot or characters, but it did tease a silhouette image of the spinoff manga’s main character. Fans have been speculating about who the character could be and what role they will play in the new manga.

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Aki Hamaji’s Bocchi the Rock! has been a popular manga series since its debut in 2019. The series has been praised for its charming characters, relatable storyline, and upbeat rock music. The series has also been adapted into an anime, which premiered in July 2021.

The spinoff manga is sure to be a hit with fans of the original series, who are eager to see what new adventures and challenges await Saku and her band. The announcement has also sparked interest among new readers who may be curious about the world of Bocchi the Rock!

In conclusion, the announcement of the Bocchi the Rock! spinoff manga has left fans excited and eagerly awaiting more details. With its charming characters, upbeat music, and relatable storyline, the original manga has already gained a loyal following, and the spinoff manga is sure to be a hit as well. Fans can’t wait to see what adventures await Saku and her friends in this new chapter of the Bocchi the Rock! story.


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