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Borushiki Theory – Boruto

(Last Updated On: October 21, 2021)

Borushiki quite a concept by Kishimoto amuses me, like who would have thought about an Otsutsuki making Boruto son of the Hokage as the vessel. Completely overwhelming, crazy, and amazing
at the same time This reminds me of a theory that I think could be a possibility in the upcoming episodes, but first I want you guys to consider these points before jumping into my theory

Borushiki Theory - Boruto
  • The first episode where Boruto and Kawaki are fighting.
  • The intro before the kawaki arc starts where boruto is on the right side in blue color and Kawaki is on the left side in red color; getting to my point in movies and pictures representation the bad/ evil side is depicted by red color or left side of the screen and vise versa.
  • The color of Boruto’s karma changes from the start of the series and the time Boruto initially got the karma onto him.

The ten tails that we recently saw So here’s what I think Kawaki turns out to be a puppet of Ishiki Otsutsuki just as Jigen was; as 80% of his body is Otsutsuki data. For Boruto his “jougan“(Boruto’s right eye) should help him overcome.

Borushiki Theory - Boruto

Momoshiki’s karma and somehow use it against Kawaki. That being said Boruto saying ‘I am the last Shinobi’ might refer to that Code attacked with ten tails and the infinite Tysukonomi is
cast yet again and the whole world is under the genjutsu, Ofcourse Kawaki and Boruto are not. Moving to the point main fight between Boruto and kawaki is good vs evil respectively.
The outcome from that fight is pretty obvious, Boruto will win and for the end of the story or if they want to continue the story Boruto next generation Sarada and Boruto will marry and have
a son that rhymes his names.

Borushiki Theory - Boruto

And for the people under genjutsu they will be released as soon as the Tentails is killed.


There are various other theories that can be true but the real thing waits till the upcoming episodes are animated.

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