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Boruto Anime Time Skip Episode: Release Date & What to Expect

(Last Updated On: September 4, 2023)

The excitement around the Boruto series has been undeniable. With the release of “Boruto: Two Blue Vortex Chapter 1”, the anticipation has grown exponentially. The community is buzzing, eager for the anime to resume after its nearly six-month pause. Curious about when to expect the post-time skip episode? Dive in for the details and additional insights about the beloved Naruto series.

Boruto’s Anime Journey: A Recap

The Boruto anime journey has seen both highs and lows. Some episodes were met with lukewarm responses, mainly due to the inclusion of numerous fillers. But every time the anime touched upon its manga roots, viewers were treated to some spectacular content. As of now, 293 episodes of the Boruto anime have graced our screens, with the last episode on March 26, 2023, focusing on the riveting “Code’s Assault” arc and delving into manga chapter 70.

Here’s a quick rundown: We still have chapter 71 from the “Code’s Assault” arc awaiting its anime counterpart. Following that, the “Prophecy arc” which spans chapters 72 to 80 remains to be adapted. Fans are keenly awaiting the anime to sync up with the manga’s time skip.

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Anticipation for Part 2: The Release Buzz

Post the March 2023 finale, confirmation came that part 2 was actively in the works and would be released shortly. Whispers in the anime community hinted at an October 2023 release date for the second part. However, the absence of any official announcements or confirmations makes this speculative.

Jump Festa 2024: The Beacon of Hope

Without concrete information, all sights are trained on Jump Festa 2024, scheduled for December 16-17, 2023. The Boruto team, along with other Shonen giants, is expected to make a splash there. Predictions are rife that Boruto anime Part 2 will either see a release in early 2024 or, at the latest, by mid-2024.

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Boruto and the Naruto Legacy

Will Boruto tread the same path as its predecessor, Naruto? With “Boruto: Two Blue Vortex” echoing “Naruto Shippuden”, fans wonder if this will herald a new phase in the anime series. Only time will spill the beans.


In Conclusion: What’s Next for Boruto Fans?

The wait might be agonizing, but dedicated fans have “Boruto: Two Blue Vortex” monthly releases to look forward to. Wondering when chapter 2 drops? We’re on top of all Boruto developments and will update this space with the latest news. So, bookmark this page for your Boruto time skip anime updates.

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