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Boruto Jougan Eye’s Powers And Origin Explained

(Last Updated On: January 11, 2021)

Boruto Is one of the most controversial characters in the Naruto franchise. Fans often argue about Boruto’s powers and his future. As the son of the seventh Hokage, Boruto has a lot going on with his body.

Towards the end of the Naruto: Shippuden series, Sasuke, Naruto, and Boruto defeat the biggest threat on the planet, Momoshiki, and due to Momoshiki’s god-like status, death doesn’t affect him. As a last resort, the latter seals Momoshiki into the eyes of Boruto. While taking his last breath, Momoshiki enters the right-eye of Boruto and stays there waiting to get resurrected in the near future.

Boruto’s situation is similar to young orphan Kawaki, who is also a vessel for Isshiki. As we have seen in the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 50, Kawaki was introduced to the series as the young orphan and vessel for Kawaki to resurrect in the future.

Both Boruto and Kawaki are central to the show as both the heroes share the same burden of being a vessel for some godly entities. For Boruto, Momoshiki is the arch-enemy, and for Kawaki, Isshiki is his ultimate demise.

Boruto’s powers explained

Boruto has the most complex anomaly in anime history. His tiny body is squeezed with so many powers and capabilities that the young ninja couldn’t comprehend his goals and expectation due to inexperience and age factor. As Naruto’s successor, Boruto will inherit Kurama. As part of Hinata’s powers, Boruto inherited her DNA and a mixed version of Byakugan eyes. In the last Naruto movie, Boruto seems to have accidentally harnessed the powers of his Jougan eyes. The similarity between Hinata’s Byakugan and Boruto’s Jougan is confusing as prior to Boruto’s blue color eyes, Hinata’s family is known for their whitish pupils surrounded by the white smokey cornea.

Boruto, being a vessel for Momoshiki, also have a Karma seal that stops the resurrection of Momoshiki inside Boruto but as we have seen Naruto’s relationship with Kurama, the Karma seal is a breakable thing and with enough stress and power, Momoshiki have somehow gained control over the young Ninja and if you are keeping up with the manga then you must be aware of Momoshiki plans for Naruto and Konohagakure (Hidden Leaf Village).

How dangerous is Boruto’s Jougan-Pure Eye?

Boruto fans have pointed out the theory surrounding Boruto’s eyes that it is more powerful than Byakugan, Tenseigan, and even the Rinnegan. Boruto is still in training and his Jougan eye is directly connected to the Ōtsutsuki’s clan, which is the epitome of power and most of the Ōtsutsuki family members are considered god-like entities, and extremely powerful in the darn universe.

Jougan-Pure Eye is the powerhouse that could make Boruto the best protagonist of the series but he is still a teenager and Naruto is aware of the fact that the Jougan is a force to be reckoned with. One small move can lead to catastrophes for Boruto and for the rest of the world. Boruto’s eyes are yet to develop their full potential. At the current rate, Konohagakure village is dealing with a double-edged sword as Boruto can grow up to become the most powerful leader of the Ninja world or he can become the next Momoshiki, who is waiting to take his revenge on Naruto and Sasuke.

Boruto’s connection with Kaguya

Boruto Jougan Eye’s Powers And Origin Explained

Kaguya clan is known for their multi-dimensional powers, making them a god of the new world. Boruto’s Jougan eyes allow him to travel through time and even at the age of 12, he is remarkable doing pretty great with his powers. Kaguya, who is the supreme god/alien, has a lot in common with the young Boruto. Even though both of the characters live in separate worlds, Boruto’s Jougan technically makes him the half-blood member of the Kaguya clan, which means he can harness the same powers and strength in the near future. At the current ark, only Sasuke can travel through different dimensions but his powers are limited as using the Rinnegan costs a lot of chakras, and traveling through dimensions can even lead to death or Sasuke might adrift from his current reality and life.


Boruto’s series has come a long way since its release in 2017. As the series progresses, Boruto might become the missing piece of the puzzle between the world of Ninja’s and Kaguya’s clan. He is the central character of the series and with every passing episode, the young Ninja is evolving into someone who can save the universe and surpass Naruto, Sasuke, the last 7 Hokages, and even Madara, who is still an abiding Uchiha of the Uchiha Clan.

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