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Boruto’s Time Travel Theory: Unraveling the Mystery

(Last Updated On: September 16, 2023)

Boruto’s narrative has always been fascinating, teeming with mysteries, speculations, and countless interpretations. One such intrigue has taken the anime community by storm, and the source of this frenzy traces back to a theory championed by YouTuber Kashy Kage. Delving into his insightful points, we dissect the likelihood of Boruto undertaking a time-traveling endeavor.

The Mysterious Figure and Foreshadowings

In Naruto Chapter 687, the sudden appearance of an enigmatic silhouette sparked debates. Some fans argue it’s Boruto, embodying the genius foreshadowing of Kishimoto, while others counter with the possibility of it being Sakura. The evidence provided by Kashy Kage presents inconsistencies with Sakura’s positioning in various panels, making her an unlikely candidate for this shadowy figure. This discrepancy between manga and anime adaptations emphasizes the potential oversight of such a critical detail.

© 2016 by Masashi Kishimoto, Mikio Ikemoto, Ukyo Kodachi/SHUEISHA Inc.

Moreover, subtle nods dating as far back as Naruto Shippuden Episode 22 hint at the grander narrative of Boruto, possibly alluding to Boruto’s connection to this past event. This continuity suggests Kishimoto might have sewn seeds for Boruto’s tale even during the height of Naruto’s journey.

Obito’s Dialogue: A Glimpse into Boruto’s Fate?

Although Obito’s dialogues generally relate to his personal story, there’s an uncanny resonance with Boruto’s journey post the “omnipotence twist.” Obito’s words foreshadow a future where Boruto stands antagonized by many, and this is reinforced by characters like Koji expressing their intent to eliminate him.

How Boruto Might Journey Through Time

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Several theories provide a motive for Boruto’s journey back in time, a notable one being his evasion from Ada’s all-seeing vision. The Fourth Shinobi War era, specifically 16 years ago, is a blind spot for Ada. Boruto’s ability to tap into different dimensions, potentially as a byproduct of trying to connect with Naruto, might inadvertently activate time-travel, pushing him back to a time where Ada’s gaze can’t reach him.

Possible destinations like the Moon or Mount Myoboku aside, Momoshiki’s involvement in this endeavor is of paramount importance. His potential assistance, stemming from a vested interest in Boruto, might resemble the dynamic between Ryuk and Light from “Death Note.” Moreover, with prophecies hinting at the significance of the Jougan, Boruto’s path could be further illuminated by this potent power.

Boruto’s Actions and His Altered Destiny

Venturing into the past presents Boruto with the monumental task of reshaping his fate. While Momoshiki’s foresight is powerful, he might not possess a complete omniscient viewpoint. His insights into Boruto’s past actions could serve as a blueprint for their future endeavors.

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In Conclusion

The Boruto time-travel theory, as outlined by Kashy Kage, offers an intricate weave of possibilities that could redefine the series’ narrative. While the evidence leans in favor of such a direction, the true path of Boruto’s story lies in the hands of its creators. For fans, the thrill is in the anticipation, hoping for the narrative to embrace this compelling route.


Credit: Special thanks to YouTuber Kashy Kage for his deep-dive analysis which served as the foundation for this article.

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