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Bubble Anime Film’s Trailer Highlight Story, Premier 28th April

The preview video of the original animation ” Bubble ” has been lifted.

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The movie version will be released at theaters nationwide on May 13, and the Netflix version will be distributed worldwide on April 28, “Bubble.”

Set in Tokyo, where gravity has been destroyed by the bubbles that have fallen into the world, a love story of a parkour player Hibiki and a girl with mysterious power, Uta, will be unfolded. T

The previews video shows Hibiki and Uta meeting, guided by “sound,” and confronting their destiny.

In addition, comments on the work arrived from three animation directors. Director Akiyuki Shinbo of “Puella Magi Madoka Magica” said, “I thought that I often put this flood-like imagination of light and sound into the images of boys, girls, and gravity,” said “Osomatsu-san.”

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Director Yoichi Fujita said, “The action that always makes you feel the space with three-dimensional mobility is Araki’s unique talent. ” I guess I wanted to do a love story.

The distribution is good, but this work with strong drawing power is the one I want to experience at the movie theater! “

A masterpiece of parkour action with gorgeous “Attack on Titan” three-dimensional activation.

The heroine and heroine are beautifully made up by the treatment used in “Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress”.
I guess I wanted to mobilize all of Araki’s skills so far to create a sad love story.

Delivery is good, but this work with strong painting power is the one you want to experience at the movie theater!


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