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Call of the Night Vampire Anime Casts New Character, Premier in July

(Last Updated On: March 31, 2022)

An additional cast of the TV anime ” Call of the Night ” based on the original Katayama has been announced. Yumi Hanamori plays the role of Akira Asai.

The TV anime “Call of the Night”, which will be broadcast on Fuji TV “Noitamina” and others from July, begins when Kou Yamori, a second-year junior high school student who continues to sleeplessly, meets a beautiful vampire, Nazuna Nanakusa, one night. Love story.

Akira, played by Hanamoru, is a childhood friend of Kou, and because she gets up early, she comes to meet Kou after spending the night with Nazuna.

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Also, a solo visual and PV entitled “Yofukashi Visual case 2-Asai Akira-” will be released. In the solo visual, Akira in her uniform is cut out on a swing in the park of the housing complex during the sunrise, and the video starts from the scene where Kou and Akira are on their way home to meet.

The source of the series is Manga by Katayama and it’s running for the last 3 years. Below you can read the hypnosis of the story by Viz Media (distributor of the manga):

Nanakusa is a vampire. That’s okay with human Ko. He wants to be one too. But transformation doesn’t come that easily…

When Nazuna invites Ko to spend the night at her place in an abandoned building, he’s stoked! But then he awakens to kisses on his neck with a little too much bite to them… Is it just the delicious taste of his blood that makes her meet him night after night for late-night adventures, conversation and…naps? Or something else?

Then, when a cute girl from Yamori’s past shows up and competes for his attention, his budding relationship with the undead is put to the test!

Viz Media

Source: Anime News Network

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