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Campfire Cooking in Another World with My Absurd Skill Novels Get TV Anime

It has been revealed that Ren Eguchi’s light novel “Dangerous Skill de Isekai Wandering Meshi”, which was born from the novel posting site “Let’s become a novelist”, will be made into a TV animation and will be broadcast on TV Tokyo and others from January 2023. 

Produced by MAPPA such as “Jujutsu Kaisen” and “Chainsaw Man”, Yuma Uchida, Satoshi Hino, and Hina Kino will appear as the main cast. Mr. Uchida will play an ordinary office worker Mukouda (Tsuyoshi Mukoda) summoned to another world.

Mr. Hino will play the legendary demonic beast Fel with great power, and Mr. Kino will play the newly born slime, Sui. Dangerous Skills and Another World Wandering Meshi” is a story about an ordinary office worker, Tsuyoshi Mukoda (Mukoda).

He is summoned to another world and uses his unique skill “Net Super” to order goods from his original world. A light novel has been published by Overlap Novels (Overlap), and the cumulative circulation of the series is over 4.5 million copies.


Source: Comic Natalie via ANN

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