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Captain America Worthy for Thor’s Mjolnir Avengers End Game

(Last Updated On: July 7, 2020)

In Latest Avengers End Game Movie by Marvel . Long awaited question of weather Captain America is Worthy enough to lift and Use the Thor’s Hammer Mjolnir.

Mjolnir Back from Past

While finding Reality Stone Rocket and Their went back to the time of Thor The Dark World.

Thor also took back his Beloved Mjolnir. And used it in the Movie against Thanos along with the new Strom Breaker.

Captain America is Worthy

While the Thanos was about to kill Thor. Captain America lifted the Mjolnir and literally every one was in joy. He used it along his shield .

His shield was cut by Thanos , but his used Mjolnir instead throughout the End game saga.

Captain America was Always Worthy

captain america lifting mjolnir
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While the audience where shocked during the scene , but few already realized his possibility.

In Avengers Age of Ultron Steve Rodgers tried to pick the hammer as game like others. But he only lifted or can say just not wanted to enter the game like others.


Thor from that day was sure that Steve Rodgers was always worthy to do so.

Return to past

In the ending Captain America took it back into the time to its original place.

Comic Book Reference

In the comic books also after the unworthy Thor Story line and before that Captain America was Worthy enough to lift and use it.

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