Captain Tsubasa Junior Youth Arc Anime Joins Crunchyroll’s Fall Lineup

On Tuesday, Crunchyroll unveiled exciting news for fans as they announced the inclusion of “Captain Tsubasa: Junior Youth Arc,” the second season of the 2018-2019 Captain Tsubasa anime, in their fall lineup for Europe and North Africa.

These episodes will grace screens right after their Japanese broadcast on Sundays, with the series making its debut on October 1.

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Crunchyroll’s synopsis of the story is as follows:

As the International Junior Youth Tournament looms, Japan assembles a formidable team comprised of standout players from Nankatsu Middle School and Toho Academy Middle School, including Tsubasa, Taro, Genzo, Kojiro, and Ken. They embark on a journey to Paris, joining forces with some of Japan’s finest talents. To claim the championship title, they must outshine the world’s elite teams in a fierce competition. Let the tournament commence!

Captain Tsubasa Junior Youth

Stepping into the director’s chair for this new season is Katsumi Ono, taking over from Toshiyuki Kato. Studio KAI takes up the mantle of animation production, succeeding David Production. Atsuhiro Tomioka returns to oversee the series scripts.

The recent anime adaptation of Yōichi Takahashi’s 1981-1988 Captain Tsubasa manga initially graced screens in April 2018, captivating audiences on TV Tokyo and other networks. The series offers a fresh retelling of Takahashi’s original manga storyline from its inception. Notably, the anime’s “Middle School” narrative arc commenced with episode 29 in October 2022, ultimately concluding with its 52nd episode in April 2019.

Viz Media holds the license for the anime, encompassing digital streaming, electronic sell-through (EST), home video, and merchandise rights for North America and Latin America. Notably, the English dub of the anime commenced airing on Primo TV in the United States in August 2018.

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The heart of the original soccer manga revolves around Tsubasa Ōzora, an 11-year-old boy with an insatiable passion for soccer, earning recognition from his coach, Roberto, for his exceptional skill in the sport. Tsubasa embarks on an extraordinary journey to Brazil with his coach to train for the coveted World Cup.


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