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Carnage’s Terrifying Plot for Marvel’s Most Lethal Weapon

(Last Updated On: March 1, 2023)

Marvel fans, get ready for a wild ride! After seemingly being left for dead, Carnage has made an astonishing comeback and is now more powerful than ever before. With a thirst for domination, Carnage has set his sights on creating an empire, starting with a weapon that even the infamous King in Black would be envious of.

In the latest issue of Carnage, our favorite symbiote villain has left a trail of destruction across multiple realms, and has finally claimed Malekith’s Codex as his own. But that’s not all – Carnage has also taken control of the dwarven forge of Nidavellir and has access to the remaining trace amounts of Uru from the dead bodies scattered across the landscape. With these resources at his disposal, Carnage has transformed into the King in Red and has forged for himself a weapon that is fit for a god – All-Blood.

Watch out Marvel universe, because Carnage is back and he’s not playing around. This is a comic book event that you won’t want to miss!

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Carnage Forges a Terrifying Weapon: His Deadly Adaptation of Knull’s Necrosword

The infamous Carnage has leveled up in a major way with a new weapon that pays homage to the iconic All-Black, also known as the Necrosword. This powerful blade was the first symbiote born from the shadow of the malevolent deity, Knull. All-Black’s deadly prowess was demonstrated by Gorr the God Butcher, who wielded it in his murderous campaign against divine beings. This sword not only granted him the ability to slay gods, but it also bestowed upon him an army of minions in the modern era.

Despite Knull’s apparent demise during the King in Black event, All-Black has continued to haunt the Marvel Universe in the form of a Codex, which persists within those it was previously bonded to. Dylan Brock wields it as his chosen weapon against symbiotic enemies, while Malekith had no idea that a dormant piece of the sword was lying within him until Carnage ripped it away.

Now, Carnage has uncovered the key to his own godhood by seizing the latent portion of All-Black that resided within Malekith. With this newfound power, Carnage seeks to steal the immortality of his fellow deities and ascend to even greater heights of godlike might. Will he succeed in his bid for ultimate power, or will his ambitions come crashing down around him? Only time will tell.

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Carnage’s All-Blood Weapon: A Cosmic Catastrophe Waiting to Happen

All-Blood is not just another tool for Carnage to wield in his chaotic rampage – it’s a lethal extension of his very essence, given a twisted new existence. With the immense power it possesses, it’s hard to fathom anything that All-Blood couldn’t crush with ease in the hands of a skilled warrior. However, it’s the terrifying potential of what All-Blood can do when separated from its crazed owner that truly sends shivers down the spine.


Like its predecessor, All-Black, there’s no inherent reason why All-Blood couldn’t form a bond with another host. And with Carnage’s grandiose plans to drench the entire universe in crimson seeming increasingly unlikely, it’s only a matter of time before All-Blood falls into the hands of someone new. With all the combined strengths of its dark components, All-Blood is a weapon far more fearsome than any of its individual parts – and it’s only just begun to reveal the destruction it’s capable of unleashing.

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