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Cartoon Network India airs ‘Dragon Ball Super’, to launch ‘Digimon Adventure’ soon

(Last Updated On: June 24, 2022)

Dragon Ball is an iconic franchise in India and the good thing is that it’s now airing on Cartoon Network. Another fan-favorite show Digimon Adventure will be airing on Cartoon Network soon. Furthermore, the latest episodes of Dragon Ball Super are not just available in Hindi but also in other regional languages like Telugu and Tamil.  

It’s amazing news for all anime fans and especially Dragon Ball fans. Below, in this blog post, you will read about the details related to Dragon Ball Super, Digimon Adventure, and other animation shows. 

Not just Dragon Ball Super but much other anime and American (international) shows are airing on other kids’ entertainment TV channels like POGO. So, in order to keep yourself updated and learn everything about your favorite shows, keep reading this blog post.  

Cartoon Network India Airs "Dragon Ball Super" & "Digimon Adventure"

Why are Old Shows Coming Back on Cartoon Network India and POGO after a Long Time? 

Anime fans are going crazy after hearing the news that Dragon Ball Super is airing on Cartoon Network in regional languages. But with happiness, a question arises. Why is the channel bringing back old shows and also Dragon Ball Super anime series? Well, the answer to the second question is quite easy because the Dragon Ball series is the most popular show in India.  

Furthermore, the answer to the first question is Cartoon Network’s new brand positioning. As a part of its latest brand campaign “Redraw Your World”, the channel is bringing new episodes of old popular anime shows like Digimon Adventure, Dragon Ball Super, and Yo-kai Watch.  

With Redraw Your World, the new shows are not limited to the most popular anime but also amazing international cartoons. Good-old cartoons like The Powerpuff Girls and Ben 10 are also airing on Cartoon Network India in your regional languages. 

Pure Nostalgia: Dragon Ball Super and Yo-kai Watch Airing on Indian Cartoon Channels, Digimon Adventure Coming Soon! 

Cartoon Network India Airs "Dragon Ball Super" & "Digimon Adventure"

In India, there is a huge audience for anime, but we don’t have many platforms to watch them. Moreover, in our childhood days, there were only a few platforms that fulfilled our needs, and Cartoon Networks is coming back with our old but amazing cartoons and anime.  

Furthermore, there is a separate fan base for the Dragon Ball series by Akira Toriyama. In our childhood memories, the Dragon Ball series has a special place. And that’s why the sequel of the most popular anime show in India, Dragon Ball Z is airing on Cartoon Network.  

Abhishek Dutta, the South Asia Network head of Cartoon Network India and POGO, said “Anime transcends generations in India, and continues to make its presence felt since first appearing in the country more than two decades ago. This genre has always had a great fan following in India and shows have always performed well for the channels having found newer audiences over the years and it continues to attract the audiences looking for older anime content.” 

He adds, “the arrival of the internet and subsequently OTT platforms further expanded the horizons of the consumers allowing them to experience global content. This includes anime. However, the Indian audience has to watch it either with subtitles or in English, which becomes a barrier as they truly want to enjoy the gripping narrative with action, drama, and the amazing style of animation in their regional language.”  

New arcs of Dragon Ball Super and the new season of Digimon Adventure will be airing on Cartoon Network India in the coming months. But one more anime is coming out and it’s on the POGO channel. POGO also has a special space in our childhood memories where we get to see many different types of cartoons, including Indian, International, and Japanese anime. In 2022, they brought back the Yo-kai Watch show.  

Return of Voice Actors for Dragon Ball Super Hindi Dubbing

Cartoon Network India Airs "Dragon Ball Super" & "Digimon Adventure"

How do you feel when you hear the voice of Goku and the other main characters of Dragon Ball? Well, most of us don’t feel connected or good. The reason is quite simple: we become connected with the character and its voice.  

That’s why Cartoon Network India is taking care of our concern and has brought back our amazing voice-over artist. Ankur Javeri, the Voice of Goku in Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z have again, given his amazingly powerful voice in Dragon Ball Super.  

The main voice-over artists of the Dragon Ball Super are:  

  1. Ankur Javeri as Goku
  2. Neshma Chemburkar as Chichi
  3. Rajshree Sharma as Bulma
  4. Mayur Vyas as Krillin
  5. Rajesh Kava as Beerus 
  6. Prasad Barve as Vageta

10 Amazing Shows that are Coming Back on Indian Channels!

Do you want to enjoy your summer vacation in 2022? Then there are plenty of shows waiting for you on Cartoon Network India and POGO. Below you will get the list of the old and a few new shows either airing or expected to air on the channels.  

  1. Dragon Ball Super
  2. Digimon Adventure
  3. Lamput
  4. The Powerpuff Girls
  5. Ben 10
  6. DC Super Hero Girls
  7. Courage the Cowardly Dog
  8. Tom and Jerry.
  9. Ekans – Ek Se Badhkar Snake
  10. Yo-kai Watch (on POGO)

This is all you need to know about the upcoming shows on Cartoon Network India and POGO. It’s just the start of the year and in upcoming months we will get to see many more seasons and arcs of anime titles on Cartoon Network India. Furthermore, not just shows but also popular anime movies can be the next big thing on Indian Cartoon channels. 


Source: Email Correspondence

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