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Castlevania Anime | Review |Lock-down Edition

(Last Updated On: April 22, 2020)

Hey guys welcome back to . In this lockdown we have time to catch up to our famous and favorite anime. And thats what we are doing write now. Today we will be reviewing Castlevania.

So lets dive deep into it.

Castlevania Anime | Review |Lock-down Edition
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Love is the Law of God. We live that we may learn to love, we love that we may learn to live, is the main epic center for the story of famous Anime series, Castlevania. Set in the city named Wallachia in year 1455, Dracula falls in love with human girl named Lisa. Lisa wants to help mankind, Dracula being centuries old, hold great and vast ocean of knowledge.

Series take a sharp turn when Church blames Lisa of witchcraft and burns her alive on the wood stake. This event upsets Dracula immensly and became so hellbent on destroying whole human race, who out of their foolishness destroys his love of life. Dracula gather his army of vicious bats and other vampires along with few humans, who are dedicated to his cause.

Vampire series have prevaled from long time and is quite famous among its fans. Starting from Bram Stokers creation , its fan following is long and old enough. Its the main reason these series are still such a success.

If are also fan of Vampire series then you are definately going to love this series. Fighting secnes are amazing, Storyline is also quite intresting and in no way slow , so it will keep your intrest well engaged. Character number are also wide enough, but that much to make it confusing.

Castlevania in a Nut Shell

In the nutshell, Castlevania is story of revenge, betrayal, love, friendship, dedication and bravery. You will love its vivid and colorful scenes along with vindictive revenge story of a Dracula and hope of god fearing people who believe in helping others at the coast of their own lives.

You can watch Castlevania On Netflix.

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