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List of Anime & Manga Affected by COVID-19

Here is all of ANN's coverage of the television series, films, and manga that the new coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has affected.

Dragon Ball Z: Goku’s Motivational Message

Way Of The WarriorThe word courage is very interesting. It comes from a...

Top 7 Signs You Are Hardcore Anime Fan

Hey Guys welcome back to So as we all know that we all are anime lovers. So at we decided...

One Piece: Top 5 Characters That Can Defeat Kaido

One Piece has become quite a fiasco of never ending action and amazing characters. Kaido, the captain of beasts pirates is considered...

Dragonball Super: Goku The Perfect Role Model

0 Z’s Goku provides a good example of an anime role model. Some scoff at the...

Ending Of Samurai Champloo Explained

"The Original Artcile is By ". Please Visit great content about Japan.(Repost)Samurai...

Top 10 Ripped Anime Girls

These ladies hit the weights and got a clue. Welcome Back to and these are Watchmojo's the top ten ripped anime...

Tao : Secret Tool Of Anime & Manga Creators

Tao is the name for that which cannot be named, a name for the nameless – just like god or dharma or...

Yuno is Spade Kingdom Prince | Black Clover

So in the latest chapter of Black Clover Manga we came to know that Yuno is the Prince of the Shade Kingdom....

Anime Theory: In Search of the Miraculous

Anime HerosWe have all wondered that all the major Anime characters like Naruto,...

Anime Theory: Blessed Are the Ignorant

As we all know that all the main characters of famous anime, like Naruto, One piece, Bleach, Mob psycho 100 and many...

Top 10 Anime Characters Who Lost Their Powers

Welcome to and today we are gonna countdown our picks for the Top 10 Anime Characters who lost their powers.

Top Anime on Netflix India

Anime and Netflix both are getting more and more popular in India in recent times. Seeing this anime popularity Netflix is increasing...

Naofumi Vs Glasss | The Rising Of The Shield Hero

Watch full epic fight of Naofumi sama and Glass, Shield Hero VS Fan Hero from the anime The Rising Of The Shield Hero. more...

Dabi | My Hero Academia | Anime & Manga

Dabi, called Blueflame by Geten, was the main support antagonist in the series My Hero Academia , a villain in League of  Villains ,...

Genos | One Punch Man | Anime & Manga

Genos (ジェノス, Jenosu) is a heavyweight  deuteragonist in One Punch Man. He is a 19-year-old cyborg and a disciple of Saitama. He always aims to...

Anime In Hindi Dubbed Soon on Netflix And Cartoon Network?

Latest Update on This TopicJapan's Akatsuki looks to tie up with Netflix, Amazon for Indian animation

Nozel Silva | Black Clover | Anime & Manga

Intro of Nozel Silva Nozel Silva 「ノゼル・シルヴァ Nozeru Shiruva」is an aristocrat and the eldest son of the Clover Kingdom House Silva, one of the royal families....

Why is Saitama So Powerful, Secret Revealed : One Punch Man

SAITAMAWelcome guys to revelation of one of great secret among all anime. The...

Top 15 Most Popular Anime in India

So Today we will be counting down our picks for the Top 15 most popular Anime in India.Note:...