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Top 5 Best Side Anime Characters Of All Times

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One Piece | Zoro Father Revealed

The Zoro's family is one of the biggest mystery of all. What if I told you that his father was from the...

Dragon Ball Z: Goku’s Motivational Message

Way Of The WarriorThe word courage is very interesting. It comes from a...

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Top 10 Anime Characters Who Lost Their Powers

Welcome to and today we are gonna countdown our picks for the Top 10 Anime Characters who lost their powers.

Dabi | My Hero Academia | Anime & Manga

Dabi, called Blueflame by Geten, was the main support antagonist in the series My Hero Academia , a villain in League of  Villains ,...

Genos | One Punch Man | Anime & Manga

Genos (ジェノス, Jenosu) is a heavyweight  deuteragonist in One Punch Man. He is a 19-year-old cyborg and a disciple of Saitama. He always aims to...

Nozel Silva | Black Clover | Anime & Manga

Intro of Nozel Silva Nozel Silva 「ノゼル・シルヴァ Nozeru Shiruva」is an aristocrat and the eldest son of the Clover Kingdom House Silva, one of the royal families....

Top Super Powerful Female Anime Characters

Anime may be the best place to find women who turn the classic damsel in distress, upside down and then kick...