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Chainsaw Man Redo Petition Gets Over 2,000 Signatures

An online petition calling for the “redo” of the anime adaptation of the manga series “Chainsaw Man” has garnered over 2,000 signatures. The petition, which was created by a fan of the manga, alleges that the anime adaptation, produced by studio MAPPA, has faced criticism for its pacing and changes to key plot points and characterizations.

Specifically, the petition claims that the anime’s film-like direction undermines the manga’s intensity and comedic elements, and cites the removal of certain lines and changes to a battle scene as examples of the director “misunderstanding” the source material.

The petition also takes issue with the casting of actor Kikunosuke Toya as the character Denji, claiming that his performance is too gloomy and does not accurately depict the character’s unhinged nature. The petition will remain open for signatures until December 31.

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The anime adaptation of the manga series “Chainsaw Man” premiered on October 11 on TV Tokyo and other affiliated channels, as well as on Amazon Prime Video. It is being streamed internationally on Crunchyroll in over 200 countries and territories. The anime was directed by Ryū Nakayama at production studio MAPPA, with script writing by Hiroshi Seko and character design by Kazutaka Sugiyama. The music was composed by kensuke ushio, and the opening theme song, “KICK BACK,” was performed by Kenshi Yonezu. The anime featured a different ending theme song for each of its 12 episodes.


Source – Change.Org page (Redo Chainsaw Man Anime Petition Project) 

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