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Chainsaw Man: Separating Hype from Reality

(Last Updated On: February 26, 2023)

Chainsaw Man has chainsawed its way into the hearts of anime fans with its explosive action sequences, impressive animation, and killer soundtrack. And with a second season on the horizon, fans are eagerly awaiting to be slayed once again by its undeniable charm. But what sets Chainsaw Man apart from other anime is its ability to switch gears and showcase a more somber, poignant side, leaving viewers with a sense of reflection.

However, while Chainsaw Man has its fair share of strengths, it also falls victim to its own hype. Like a double-edged chainsaw, its pros and cons slice through each other, leaving some fans feeling like the series doesn’t live up to its own towering expectations. Despite its popularity, some might say that Chainsaw Man is overrated – a sentiment that has sparked debate among fans of the show.

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Exploring Denji’s Complex Character and Its Lack of Relatability

Many viewers have hailed Denji as a refreshing subversion of the typical shonen hero trope, which often features a resolute protagonist who overcomes adversity with the power of friendship. However, this notion falls flat upon closer inspection of Denji’s character, who, despite his unique upbringing, is ultimately one-dimensional. Rather than challenging or subverting established shonen archetypes, Denji’s defining traits, such as his immaturity, gluttony, and callousness towards others, are hardly groundbreaking. These characteristics are present in many older shonen protagonists, such as Naruto and Goku, making Denji less of a subversion and more of a derivative character.

What’s more, Denji’s lack of relatability and likability hinder his potential as a compelling protagonist. While not every shonen hero needs to fit the traditional mold, their motivations and actions should at least be engaging to the audience. Unfortunately, Denji’s simplicity and disinterest in not only the welfare of others but also his own wellbeing, make him difficult to root for. His character could be fascinating if he underwent significant development or showed any real growth, but as of now, he comes across as lackluster at best and repugnant at worst.

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The Blatant Audience Pleasing in Chainsaw Man Leaves Little to Imagination

Chainsaw Man is a wild ride, with blood, guts, and crude humor aplenty. But while other anime can balance these elements to create something unique and entertaining, Chainsaw Man falls short. It’s not that the sex, violence, and vulgarity are too extreme, it’s that they’re not extreme enough to be truly memorable. Instead, they come across as a cheap attempt at being edgy and trendy.


Despite these flaws, Chainsaw Man still has a devoted following, and for good reason. The core story is compelling and full of potential. With some tweaks and further character development, it could be a true masterpiece. But as it stands, Chainsaw Man is just another mediocre anime, relying on shock value instead of substance to keep viewers hooked.

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