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Check Out Moyashi Fujisawa’s Latest Manga, Tasogare no Hito

(Last Updated On: July 29, 2023)

Moyashi Fujisawa, the renowned manga creator, unveiled a fresh manga titled “Tasogare no Hito” (Twilight Person) in the latest September edition of Kodansha’s Kiss magazine on Tuesday. This eagerly anticipated release was announced in the preceding magazine issue.

The magazine unveiled the colorful opening page and provided a sneak peek of the manga on its Twitter page.

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The manga’s tale commences as the kin of a prominent firm’s president relocates to a serene rural town. In this place, the son, Tatsuomi, harbors thoughts of ending his life but is sighted by Riko, a local girl. Despite Tatsuomi’s inner struggles, Riko strives to forge a bond with him, and gradually, their connection deepens. As Tatsuomi’s birthday draws near, Riko presents him with a gift and an earnest promise.

Fujisawa serialized the manga “Burn the House Down” (Mitarai-ke Enjō Suru) within Kodansha’s Kiss magazine from 2017 to 2021. Kodansha published eight volumes of this gripping series. The English version is being released by Kodansha USA Publishing, with the eighth volume hitting the shelves on January 24. Notably, the manga’s success led to a live-action series adaptation, which premiered worldwide on Netflix on July 13.

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Furthermore, Fujisawa and Kumakuzu embarked on a fresh manga endeavor titled “Watashi no Arika” (The Way I Am) in Kodansha’s Weekly Shōnen Magazine in December 2022.


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