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Top 30 Anime Characters Embracing Christianity

(Last Updated On: June 13, 2023)

Anime writers often give equal treatment to Christianity, Shintoism, and other religions. They utilize these religious elements for visual, conceptual, or comedic purposes, without delving into authenticity or accuracy.

As a result, one should not anticipate strict adherence to Christian traditions from characters such as Christians, priests, and nuns in anime.

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30. Canute from Vinland Saga

Canute from Vinland Saga

According to historical accounts, Denmark’s conversion to Christianity is attributed to Canute’s grandfather, Harald Bluetooth. Notably, Canute himself embraced the Christian faith, aligning with the era’s expanding influence of Christianity. Initially timid and weak, constantly hiding behind Ragnar, Canute gradually grows assertive, refusing to tolerate Thorfinn’s belittlement.

Fueled by a desire for retribution against his father, who secretly marked him for death, Canute cultivates a commanding and uncompromising persona. Askeladd’s assassination of Ragnar triggers a transformative shift, removing an obstacle hindering Canute’s emotional growth.

29. Father Willibald from Vinland Saga

 Father Willibald from Vinland Saga

Willibald, a disheveled individual with untidy, sun-kissed locks and a corresponding full beard of the same hue, possesses captivating gray eyes. Upon arriving in Gainsborough, he meticulously shaves his face, adopting a clean-shaven appearance and acquiring a dignified tonsure. He adorns himself in a sleek black robe and dons polished shoes to complete his ensemble.

Willibald was an ardent individual who found solace in frequent indulgence. In moments of sobriety, he would passionately expound on the teachings of the Lord, requiring a potent libation to assuage his fervent sermons. He firmly held the belief that genuine love encompasses everyone, without prejudice or bias.

28. Fumiya Ninomiya from Hourou Musuko

Fumiya Ninomiya from Hourou Musuko

Saori encounters Fumiya, an outgoing individual just a year her senior, upon her entry into a Christian congregation. Despite Saori’s often acerbic and blunt character traits, Fumiya finds himself inexplicably captivated by her.

In an attempt to win over women, Fumiya relies on his polished and subdued persona, but Saori possesses an astute ability to discern his true intentions and remains impervious to his deceptive tactics. Undeterred, Fumiya persistently seeks Saori’s gratitude and attention, showcasing one of his notable strengths: unwavering determination.

27. Kate Takayama from Haganai: I Don’t Have Many Friends

Kate Takayama from Haganai: I Don’t Have Many Friends

Kate is a nun at St. Chronica’s Academy and the elder sister of Maria. Bearing a resemblance to a more mature version of Maria, Kate possesses a captivating beauty.

She shares various attributes with her younger sibling, such as lavender-silver hair, blue eyes, and a fair complexion. Additionally, Kate boasts a well-proportioned figure.

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26. Katri Ukonnemi from Katri, Girl of the Meadows

Katri Ukonnemi from Katri, Girl of the Meadows

Katri, a spirited girl from rural Finland, faces poverty but exudes optimism and vitality. She resides and toils on her grandparents’ farm, as her mother embarks on work-related journeys and her father has abandoned them.

However, when tragic circumstances arise during her tender years, Katri is compelled to venture forth independently and shoulder her own burdens. Her agile intellect, captivating charisma, and steadfast companion, a faithful canine pal, become her indispensable assets in navigating a challenging world that offers little in her favor.

24. Kirei Kotomine from Fate/Stay Night

Kirei Kotomine from Fate/Stay Night

Kirei Kotomine, the son of Risei Kotomine, was bestowed upon him as a cherished gift during a sacred pilgrimage. Born on December 28, 1967, he was given the name “Kirei,” meaning “prayer,” with the intent of fostering purity and allure within him.

Growing up, Kirei effortlessly surpassed Risei’s expectations, exhibiting exceptional moral compass and wisdom that belied his youth. Since his early years, he actively immersed himself in the Church, frequently accompanying his father on visits to revered sites. At the tender age of around 10, he earnestly embraced his role as an Executor-in-training, tirelessly honing his skills. Notably, he was once chosen to fulfill the esteemed position of an Executor.

23. Langa Hasegawa from SK8 The Infinity

Langa Hasegawa from SK8 The Infinity

When addressing others, Langa tends to employ concise language and maintains a composed demeanor, occasionally even appearing austere.

Upon his introduction to the students, the teacher must prompt Langa to divulge additional details about himself beyond his name. Astonishing the class, Langa includes the fact that he hails from Canada.

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22. Masamune Date from Sengoku Musuo

 Masamune Date from Sengoku Musuo

In the realm of legends, the enigmatic figures of Date Masamune and the Christian samurai Bontenmaru emerge. Whispers abound, hinting at Bontenmaru’s unearthly origins, leading her to conceal one eye beneath a daring eyepatch. Her radiant tresses of gold cascade, accompanied by the captivating gaze of heterochromatic eyes—the left a mesmerizing chestnut hue, while the right burns with an intense crimson flame.

Her attire exudes an aura of mystique, clad predominantly in sleek ebony garments adorned with intricate Christian motifs. Notably, Bontenmaru’s remarkable lineage is shrouded in intrigue, as her peers are astutely aware of her unique blend of Asian heritage intertwined with something wholly otherworldly, transcending boundaries and defying categorization.

21. Momoko Koigakubo from Ghost Stories

Momoko Koigakubo from Ghost Stories

Momoko possesses flowing hair in a soothing shade of lavender, complemented by warm, brown eyes and a fair complexion. Her customary school attire embraces a maritime motif, featuring a grayish skirt adorned with delicate white accents, accompanied by knee-high socks in a serene blue hue and a pair of sophisticated brown loafers.

She adorns her wrists with a pristine, long-sleeved shirt in pristine white, distinguished by a vibrant blue collar and a charming yellow bow. To maintain her elegant ponytail, she adorns it with a generously sized, soft pastel pink bow. Framing her face gracefully are her lengthy curtain bangs.

20. Nicholas D. Wolfwood from Trigun

 Nicholas D. Wolfwood from Trigun

Wolfwood is an imposing figure, standing tall with a commanding presence. His strong frame is characterized by broad shoulders, complemented by his lustrous black hair and a warm medium brown complexion. While his eyes typically hold the captivating hue of midnight blue, occasional official depictions have portrayed them as shades of gray, dark brown, and even deep black.

Wolfwood’s signature attire consists of a sleek black suit, effortlessly paired with a crisp white button-down shirt, its collar nonchalantly left undone. Completing his ensemble, he dons a pair of sophisticated dark golden brown shoes, adding a touch of refinement to his overall appearance.

19. Pollyanna Whittier from Ai Shoujo Pollyanna Monogatari

 Pollyanna Whittier from Ai Shoujo Pollyanna Monogatari

At a tender age, she became an orphan, compelling her to reside with Polly, her aunt on her mother’s side, who appears to hold her accountable for not conforming to the Harrington family’s expectations of a refined young lady.

Contrary to their desires, she exudes a cheerful, exuberant, and vivacious demeanor, always seeking out the silver linings in both individuals and circumstances. Pollyanna encounters people who are deeply moved by her unique perspective on the world, causing transformative shifts in their hearts.

18. Saori Chiba from Hourou Musuko

Saori Chiba from Hourou Musuko

In the beginning of the series, Saori, also known as Saorin, attends Shuuichi’s fifth-grade class. She displays an early fascination with encouraging Shuuichi to explore cross-dressing, even purchasing an expensive birthday dress for them, which she later regrets returning.

Due to her struggles in relating to most individuals, Saori has few companions, but she forms a deep bond with Shuuichi. She often shares her thoughts openly, disregarding how they might be perceived by others.

As Saori matures, her detached demeanor and impassiveness intensify, leading to a strained relationship with her teachers.

17. Seira Mimori from Saint Tail

Seira Mimori from Saint Tail

Thirteen-year-old Seira Mimori is a student at St. Paulia’s Private School and serves as a trainee nun in the school’s Church. She holds the unique position of being Meimi Haneoka’s closest friend and classmate, and she is the sole confidante aware of Saint Tail’s true identity. After school, Seira diligently fulfills her duties as a nun at the chapel, where she compassionately lends an ear to individuals seeking solace and aid in their frequent encounters with lost or pilfered possessions.

Recognizing the value of this information, Seira promptly relays it to Meimi, urging her to extend her assistance to those in need, facilitating the recovery of their invaluable belongings. Furthermore, Seira stands ready to provide support whenever Meimi, as Saint Tail, finds herself in dire straits.

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16. Jesus from My Last Day

Jesus from My Last Day

In the opening scene of the film, a prisoner gazes through prison bars, witnessing Jesus endure brutal lashes within the confines of Pilate’s courtyard. The sight prompts him to question the cruelty inflicted upon an innocent man, especially in light of Jesus’ teaching about rendering unto Caesar and unto God.

Armed with a knife, he attempts to seize a box containing valuables and cash, his apprehension growing by the second. Engaged in a desperate struggle, the thief finds himself entangled with the box, resulting in a frenzy of coins taking flight. In the midst of this chaos, the thief unintentionally inflicts a fatal wound upon his victim.

15. Alexander Anderson from Hellsing

Alexander Anderson from Hellsing

He serves Iscariot and holds the position of a priest from the Vatican. In the TV anime and OVA series, he plays the role of Alucard’s counterpart, acting as both his adversary and a complex anti-villain. He stands as Alucard’s most formidable opponent and an experienced hunter of monsters.

Although his nationality remains unknown in the canon, the English dub of the anime and OVA portrays him with a Scottish accent. He manages an orphanage located outside Vatican City, while making his residence in Italy.

14. Ewan Remington from Chrono Crusade

Ewan Remington from Chrono Crusade

Upon his return from a mission, Father Remington, a seasoned field agent of the Magdalene Order’s New York chapter, consistently reports to Sister Kate, the trusted confidante. Beneath his unassuming demeanor lies an enigmatic soul, dedicated to his duty with unwavering gravity.

Proficient in combat, he possesses formidable power, yet shrouds himself in a veil of mystery, guarding numerous undisclosed truths. Deep within his heart, he holds a tender affection for Magdalene, the memory of their bond forever cherished. Driven by an unyielding resolve, he remains resolute in his relentless pursuit of vanquishing adversaries, steadfastly accepting the consequences, no matter the personal toll.

13. Sentarou Kawabuchi from Kids on the Slope

Sentarou Kawabuchi from Kids on the Slope

Sentarou, an American soldier, has a Japanese mother. However, his grandmother unveils a startling revelation that his mother entrusted him to her relatives, leading to his estrangement. Consequently, he finds solace and guidance from his uncle and aunt, who become his revered parental figures.

Subsequently, the priest at the Church divulges further details about Sentarou’s past after his absence, refuting the aforementioned claim.

According to Sentarou, he was left under the care of the Church until the age of three, thus explaining his Christmas birthday.

12. Rosette Christopher from Chrono Crusade

Rosette Christopher from Chrono Crusade

Rosette, an enchanting and spirited young lady, consistently stirs up turmoil at the New York branch of the Magdalene Order. She teams up with Chrono in her unwavering quest to locate her brother Joshua.

Notwithstanding her predicament, Rosette upholds an optimistic perspective and wholeheartedly dedicates herself to every assignment, even if it entails wrecking another vehicle.

11. John Brown from Ghost Hunt

John Brown from Ghost Hunt

An amiable 19-year-old Caucasian Australian priest, devoted to the Catholic faith, adeptly speaks Japanese with a unique Kansai accent, lending an amusingly unconventional structure to his sentences. He wholeheartedly supports Mai and Naru, providing them with unwavering assistance.

His exorcism technique involves spritzing holy water while reciting the opening verse of John from the New Testament.

10. Ein from Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom

Ein from Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom

Ein, an enigmatic assassin, exhibits an intriguing lack of self-awareness concerning her mysterious origins. Her unwavering reliance on Scythe Master compels her to obediently comply with his every caprice, even if it contradicts her own innate nature.

Her distinctively formidable mask instills profound fear within the realms of organized criminality, bestowing upon her the moniker “Phantom.”

9. Integra Fairbrook Wingates from Hellsing

Integra Fairbrook Wingates from Hellsing

He is a prominent character in the Hellsing manga, as well as its anime and OVA adaptations. As the head of the Hellsing Organization and Alucard’s mentor, he holds a significant role. Integra, the last descendant of Abraham Van Hellsing, assumes the mantle after her father, Arthur Hellsing, passes away at a young age. Alucard, who once served Richard Hellsing, saves her from her uncle’s plot to eliminate her and appoints her as the rightful heir.

Subsequently, she takes down Richard Hellsing, her own kin. As a 22-year-old British noblewoman and member of the Protestant Knights, Integra safeguards England and its monarch from supernatural threats, serving as both the leader of Hellsing and a defender of the nation.

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8. Erica Fontaine from Sakura Wars: Ecole de Paris

Erica Fontaine from Sakura Wars: Ecole de Paris

Erica, a sixteen-year-old with a deep aspiration to become a nun, takes on the night shift as a cabaret dancer at Le Chattes Noires. Despite her genuine intent to help others, this devout Christian often inadvertently creates additional challenges for those she tries to assist due to her innate clumsiness.

From time to time, she confuses her fantasies and dreams with reality, leading to disastrous consequences. In the midst of her journey, she repeatedly collides with a billboard, resulting in head injuries.

7. Jesus from Saint Young Men Movie

Jesus from Saint Young Men Movie

After enduring millennia of dedication, Jesus Christ and Gautama Buddha finally feel deserving of a well-earned respite. They descend from the heavens and seek refuge in a modest apartment nestled within the bustling city of Tokyo, Japan.

Faced with the challenge of maintaining a low profile, they delight in indulging in the modern marvels of society, like vibrant amusement parks and enticing limited-time sales. Immersed in the enchantment of their new environment, Jesus and Buddha revel in honoring each other’s sacred festivities, witnessing the graceful transition of seasons, and embarking on exciting explorations.

6. Satoru from Golden Laws

Satoru from Golden Laws

While journeying through time, a devout student from the year 25 and a young woman from the year 30 bear witness to prominent events from various world religions. They observe the heroic feats of the Greek deity Hermes, the parting of the Red Sea by Moses, the miraculous occurrences attributed to Shakyamuni Buddha.

The crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and the enlightening transformation experienced by the legendary Chinese monk Chih-i. These individuals’ interconnectedness and profound impact on humanity are then elucidated to the two inquisitive youths.

5. Shinpu from Black Clover

Shinpu from Black Clover

Shiro and Shinpu resonate with similar tones, mainly due to his modest demeanor. Despite feeling a tinge of disappointment when his sons pursued their dreams in reality, he remains profoundly proud of them. Each time they visit, he becomes overwhelmed with tears, unable to contain his emotions. Orsi, treating the orphans as his own, exhibits remarkable qualities as a decent, honorable, and diligent individual. He diligently imparts moral values and virtues upon the children under his care.

The rapid ascent of Asta and Yuno within the ranks of the Magic Knights fills him with pride. Moreover, their selfless act of sending the majority of their monthly earnings to the village church elicits sheer joy, enabling repairs to the dilapidated structure and providing ample sustenance for everyone. He openly expresses that if Asta or Yuno ever desire to return to Hage, the church will forever be their cherished abode.

4. Index from A Certain Magical Index

Index from A Certain Magical Index

Index, a enigmatic youthful nun, possesses an extraordinary mind containing 103,000 grimoires. Hailing from a mystical realm, she is relentlessly pursued by numerous individuals eager to uncover her hidden knowledge. This predicament compels Index to constantly remain in motion, evading capture.

Her spirited nature and proclivity for aggression are matched only by her insatiable appetite. She heavily relies on Touma for her well-being, often demonstrating her affection by playfully sinking her teeth into his arm.

3. Sister from Arakawa Under the Bridge

Sister from Arakawa Under the Bridge

Sister, a 29-year-old British former soldier, diligently oversees the chapel nestled beneath the sturdy bridge. The sacred Mass is solemnly conducted, while her responsibilities entail the meticulous maintenance of the captivating chapel, nestled within the tranquil river basin.

She remains armed at almost all times, an amusing blend of vigilance and inadvertent recklessness, a lingering effect from her military past, which has left her somewhat prone to paranoia.

2. Sister Lily from Black Clover

Sister Lily from Black Clover

Sister Lily boasts luscious dark azure locks, neatly divided by a subtle rightward parting. Her strikingly generous teal eyes are adorned with lengthy lashes, while a petite black mole graces the area below her left eye.

Lily, a firm yet compassionate maiden, diligently tends to the little orphans, attending to their culinary needs and maintaining a pristine living space. She resolutely admonishes them, especially Asta, when they exhibit wayward behavior, notably during his audacious insistence on matrimonial bonds.

1. Esther Blanchett from Trinity Blood

Esther Blanchett from Trinity Blood

Esther typically adorns the Vatican’s nun habit, a white garment adorned with blue accents. However, throughout the series, she also wears refined clothing and a Kethuda ensemble, aiming to covertly transport Abel and Ion into The New Human Empire. A youthful girl, characterized by her red hair and piercing blue eyes, is depicted as Esther.

Esther, a youthful fair-skinned girl of 17, possesses lengthy crimson locks. Notably, her hair in the anime is shorter compared to her counterparts in the manga and novels. Her lapis lazuli blue eyes bear a striking resemblance to the nobility of Albion. Furthermore, adorning the right side of her torso is a birthmark, resembling a star, akin to Mary Spencer’s birthmark. It’s worth mentioning that in Volume 16, Chapter 59 of the manga, the birthmark is depicted on the left side.


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