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CLAMP’s Tokyo Babylon Manga – Anime Adaptation Announced For 2021 by GoHands

(Last Updated On: October 26, 2020)

The studio GoHands (K) is producing the Tokyo Babylon anime set in Tokyo in 2021. The official YouTube channel of King Amusement Creative announced on Monday that CLAMP’s Tokyo Babylon manga is inspiring the Tokyo Babylon 2021 television anime next year.

The official social media accounts for Tokyo Babylon shared an anime visual and teaser. here-

Tokyo Babylon Anime Visual | Source – Official Twitter Account

“Tokyo BABYLON” based on the manga artist group “CLAMP”, which has gained enthusiastic support in the world, will be made into a TV animation in 2021 in Tokyo!
Animation production will be handled by GoHands, who has produced many beautiful and delicate images such as the movie version of the “Mardock Scramble” series, and has been highly acclaimed for original animations such as the “K” series and the new “Playter Scratch”!

INTRODUCTION The imperial family, who has a
high spiritual power by nature is
the 13th head of the imperial family who has protected Japan spiritually for a long time.
As part of Onmyoji’s training, he and his twin sister, Kitato
, undertook a request to resolve various spiritual incidents that occurred in Tokyo.

One day, Toryu, who went out for a job,
meets a veterinarian, Seishiro Sakurazuka, at the foot of Tokyo Tower , where cherry blossoms are scattered.
Hoshi , who likes Subaru, should watch over Subaru’s work to solve spiritual cases and sometimes help him.

A torrent that takes on the pain of others and hurt them because they are too kind.
Hokuto, who is worried about such a torrent, welcomes the existence of Shiro Hoshi, and the
three people gradually deepen their exchanges through the incident.
But that was also the beginning of a cruel fate …

Tokyo BABYLON – Official Website

Original: CLAMP “Tokyo BABYLON”
Animation production: GoHands

Source – Tokyo BABYLON – Official Website Via Animenewsnetwork

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