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Cocoon Wartime Manga by Machiko Kyō Receives Anime Adaptation in 2025

(Last Updated On: June 29, 2023)

On Tuesday, Akita Shoten made an exciting announcement: Machiko Kyō’s Cocoon manga will be adapted into an anime set to air on NHK in the summer of 2025. Adding to the anticipation, the animation producer for this project is none other than Hitomi Tateno, a seasoned animator from Studio Ghibli.

The anime itself will be brought to life by the talented team at Sasayuri studio. Although the announcement didn’t disclose the specific format, fans can eagerly await this upcoming anime adaptation.

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The manga unfolds on a lush tropical island in the southern region, revolving around San and her closest companion Mayu, who attend the prestigious all-girls school nestled on the island.

Cocoon Wartime

As the country is plunged into war, the students of the school find themselves drawn into the conflict, actively participating in the war effort and eventually tending to the wounded in the rear lines. Tragically, San and Mayu witness their cherished friends succumbing to the escalating horrors of the war, one after another.

Kyō unveiled the manga in 2010, marking 65 years since World War II concluded. The anime is set to premiere in 2025, commemorating 80 years since the end of World War II.

In 2013, Kyō released the Mitsuami no Kami-sama manga in Shueisha’s now-defunct Jump X (Jump Kai) magazine. That same year, Shueisha published the manga’s sole compiled volume. The manga garnered acclaim and received an award during the 18th Annual Osamu Tezuka Cultural Prize in March 2014. This manga served as the inspiration for Production I.G’s Pigtails, a remarkable 28-minute anime short film. Pigtails made its international premiere at the WorldFest Houston International Film Festival in April 2016, where it triumphed in the Classic Cel Animation Category, securing the prestigious Platinum Remi Award. Notably, Pigtails continued to garner recognition, culminating in the Animated Film category’s Diamond Award at the 2016 California Film Awards.


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