Colored Pencil Animation Breathes Life into Chinese Novel ‘Yashe’ in Japan

(Last Updated On: June 15, 2023)

On May 29, Colored Pencil Animation Group, a Chinese animation company, revealed that its Tokyo studio, Colored Pencil Animation Japan, is currently working on an animated adaptation of Xuan Se’s Yashe novel. The highly-anticipated project is set to debut in mainland China before the year 2023 concludes. However, no details regarding its release in Japan have been disclosed by the company. Furthermore, the company has begun streaming the promotional video for the project.

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In the novel, the narrative revolves around the proprietor of Yashe antique store, who possesses a unique gift enabling communication with ancient artifacts. These items house dormant souls that have slept for countless ages. Through the shop owner’s assistance, individuals burdened by past regrets find solace by reconnecting with humanity, realizing their long-held desires, and confiding in those who have lost faith in themselves. As each tale unfurls, it sheds light on the profound connection shared between this enigmatic, tranquil shop owner and a compassionate male physician throughout the passage of time.

Xuan initially released the novel in China during September 2015, and its sales have exceeded 1.5 million copies to date.

In 2018, Colored Pencil Animation Group founded its own studio in Japan. Since then, the studio has successfully produced notable animated series such as Obey Me!, Fantasy Hunter, and Hyojin. Additionally, it has made significant contributions to the animation drawings of popular anime titles like Boruto, Cells at Work!, A Certain Scientific Railgun, and more.


Source | Animation Business Journal (Tadashi Sudo)

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