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Comikey Expands Library with 10 New Manga Titles from Square Enix

(Last Updated On: June 11, 2023)

On Saturday, Comikey revealed its plans to release 10 new titles from Square Enix this month, along with the announcement of their localization. These titles will also be accessible on the Manga UP! Global platform.

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On Saturday, Comikey made an exciting announcement, revealing its plans to release 10 new titles from Square Enix this month. What’s even more thrilling is that these titles will be localized, ensuring that fans around the world can enjoy them. Adding to the excitement, Comikey also shared that these manga titles will be accessible on the Manga UP! Global platform.

  • Waruiotoko, Yunagi, and Friendly Land’s A Dating Sim of Life or Death
  • Tsutomu Ōno’s Even the Elf Captain Wants to be a Maiden
  • Hifumi Asakura, Yamakawa, and Umiharu’s The Daily Life of a Middle-Aged Online Shopper in Another World
  • kuro-ouji, teffish, and Yoshiyuki Takahashi’s From Leveling Up the Hero to Leveling Up a Nation
  • Arata Shiraishi, momoirone, and Tsuna Ayatsuki’s Cheat Mode Farming in Another World
  • Shinya Murata, Tokisada Hayami, and Isuka Hakozaki’s Caterpillar
  • Shichio Kuzu, Yasutaka Isegawa, and j1 Kaido’s The Amazing Village Creator: Slow Living with the Village Building Cheat Skill
  • Yuu Morikawa’s Mr. Villain’s Day Off
  • Touya, Yoimachi, Ren Sakuma, and Shiori Shiono’s The Villainess’s Guide to (Not) Falling in Love
  • Renge Hatsueda, Kaito Shibano, and Pinko Kurimoto’s I’m Glad They Kicked Me From The Hero’s Party… But Why’re You Following Me, Great Saintess?

The company further declared its plans to introduce a fresh array of manga and webtoon titles during the upcoming month.

Webtoons from Netcomics:

  • The Blue Snake and The Red Moon
  • Bring The Love
  • Bluffing
  • Chunchu
  • Anonymous Forum
  • A Spoonful of Your Love

Titles from Kanman Studios:

  • Haunted House
  • My Campus’ Guardian of Beauties

Manga from MediBang:

  • Memories of the Sand (Suno no Kioku)
  • Ninja Rookie (Ninja ni Naritai)
  • Maria x Maria
  • Leaving Our Truths to the Shooting Star (Nagareboshi ni Negau Hodo Bokura wa Sunao janai)

This news has generated anticipation and eagerness among manga enthusiasts, who eagerly await the release of these highly anticipated Square Enix titles.


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