Cowboy Bebop LP Box Set to Release on December 13!

(Last Updated On: August 25, 2023)

Back in 1998, the world was treated to a game-changer in the anime universe – Cowboy Bebop, a masterpiece directed by the visionary Shinichiro Watanabe. Its unique blend of artistry and gripping storytelling transcended the traditional anime boundaries, captivating viewers across the globe.

A defining element of Cowboy Bebop was undoubtedly its sensational soundtrack, composed by the brilliant Yoko Kanno. The music was a genre-hopping marvel, effortlessly transitioning from jazz and rock to French pop and even house music.

Cowboy Bebop LP Box Set to Release on December 13!

The show’s unforgettable opening theme, “Tank!,” became an anthem in its own right and catapulted the soundtrack to stratospheric heights, earning it the coveted 13th Japan Gold Disc Award for Animation Album of the Year. It’s worth noting that jazz engineering legend Rudy Van Gelder, renowned for his work with Blue Note Records, lent his expertise, adding a layer of prestige that extended far beyond anime circles.

Now, fans have something monumental to look forward to – an 11-disc box set encompassing all seven albums and maxi-singles from the Cowboy Bebop soundtrack. This deluxe collection, complete with the original artwork, is a treasure trove for collectors and die-hard enthusiasts alike.

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But that’s not all. Yoko Kanno herself has curated three new titles, breathing fresh life into her iconic work. “Tank! Gold COWBOY BEBOP,” “The Real Folk Blues Legends COWBOY BEBOP,” and “Songs for the Cosmic Sofa COWBOY BEBOP” are set to be a revelation for fans, offering a unique perspective on the beloved classics.

As an added treat, the soundtrack from the Netflix live-action adaptation, previously available only on vinyl, will now be accessible on CD. These releases, slated for December 13, 2023, are destined to rekindle the passion for Cowboy Bebop and its music on a global scale. It’s a fitting tribute to a series that continues to captivate new generations of fans, reminding us all of its enduring influence on the world of anime and beyond.


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