Crayon Shin-chan 3D CG Anime Film Trailer Unveils Guest Cast and Theme Song

(Last Updated On: June 5, 2023)

The latest trailer for “Shin Jigen! Crayon Shin-chan The Movie Chōnōryoku Dai Kessen: Tobetobe Temakizushi” (New Dimension! Crayon Shin-chan the Movie Super-Powered Climactic Battle: Soaring Hand-Rolled Sushi) has been released on the official website of the franchise. This 3DCG anime film introduces exciting guest cast members while offering a sneak peek of the film’s theme song “Future is Yours” by Sambomaster.

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The guest cast includes:

  • Tori Matsuzaka portrays Mitsuru Hiriya, an individual bestowed with malevolent psychic abilities, employing them for vengeance against the world.
  • Mogura Suzuki, the Kūki Kaidan comedian, assumes the role of Professor Ikebukuro, an advisor to the National Psychic Regulatory Committee.
  • Katamari Mizukawa, another Kūki Kaidan comedian, plays Nusuttoradamus II, the ambitious leader of the Reiwa Downfall group, harboring dreams of global domination.
  • Negiko Shintani, portrayed by Akari Kitō, serves as a member of the Saitama branch of the National Psychic Regulatory Committee, responsible for training Shinnosuke in harnessing his newfound powers.
Crayon Shin-chan 3D CG Anime

The film is scheduled to premiere in Japan on August 4th.

The story of the film revolves around Shinnosuke, a kindergartener who gains extraordinary telekinetic powers when a brilliant light from outer space traverses Earth. Simultaneously, a corresponding dark light grants a man named Mitsuru Hiriya psychic abilities, which he employs to threaten the destruction of the planet. As Japan succumbs to fear, Shinnosuke emerges as the nation’s newfound hero.

This film marks the 31st installment in the beloved Crayon Shin-chan franchise, and its production spanned seven years, starting from the initial planning stages. Directing the film and penning its screenplay is Hitoshi Ōne, known for his work on notable projects such as the screenplay for “Fireworks, Should We See it from the Side or the Bottom?” and directing the live-action adaptations of “Akihabara @ DEEP” and “Bakuman.” Bringing the animation to life is Shirogumi Inc.

The franchise’s previous film, “Eiga Crayon Shin-chan Mononoke Ninja Chinpūden,” premiered in Japan in April 2022 and made an impressive debut, securing the second spot in the box office during its opening weekend.


Source | Shin Jigen! Crayon Shin-chan The Movie Chōnōryoku Dai Kessen: Tobetobe Temakizushi film’s Website / Eiga Natalie

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