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Creator of “Honey and Clover” Equates Manga to a Life-Engulfing Fire

(Last Updated On: August 26, 2023)

Sharing the news that all of Honey and Clover would grace Young Animal Web for the next three weeks, Chica Umino, the very creator of this cherished manga, unfolded her sentiments in a poetic Twitter series.

Honey and Clover stood as my incantation, ceaselessly kindling the blaze within my existence. Amidst the inferno that consumed various facets of life, within that charred domain, only Honey and Clover endured, a tale of profound significance.

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As I penned the concluding chapter, as the final tome found its way into the world, Honey and Clover emerged as the sole inhabitant of that scorched expanse. The characters found their refuge, yet were ensnared within the book’s confines. In solitude, within my studio, I stood mute—words inadequate to capture my sensations. A paralysis gripped me.

Honey and Clover knew hiatus twice; armed with a backpack of magazine clippings, I embarked on a quest for new avenues. Across three distinct periodicals, the serialization pressed on, culminating in closure. An authentic chronicle of elation.

You, the readers, steadfastly bolstered Honey and Clover. Your patronage sculpted its triumph. Even in this moment, you cradle it in your heart. Sincere gratitude.

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Through its crafting, Honey and Clover commenced thrice and concluded thrice. An edifice akin to an ancient domicile with idiosyncratic contours emerged. The initial perusal, admittedly, poses challenges. For that, I apologize. Yet, from inception to finale, I etched it raw, indifferent to appearances. So vital, so agonizing is Honey and Clover, that even I approach it with trepidation.


Source | Chica Imino on X

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Monika Chopra
Monika Chopra is a Mumbai-based anime writer from a wealthy background. An open lesbian, she advocates for #LGBTQ+ rights through her globally loved narratives. Her work focuses on inclusivity and the slice-of-life anime genre, finding extraordinary in the ordinary.
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