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Critically Acclaimed Horror Manga Gannibal Debuts in English for the First Time

Masaaki Ninomiya’s acclaimed horror manga, Gannibal, is set to make its English debut in 2024, thanks to publisher Ablaze. The series, which has garnered international recognition, has also been adapted into a live-action show available for streaming on Hulu. Despite its popularity, the original manga has never been accessible in English until now.

Critically Acclaimed Horror Manga Gannibal Debuts in English for the First Time

Ablaze is turning to Kickstarter to fund a series of exclusive Gannibal hardcovers. As a special preview, IGN has revealed a glimpse of Gannibal Vol. 1. The story centers around Daigo Agawa, a police officer assigned to the remote town of Kuge. Initially hospitable, the town takes a dark turn when Daigo uncovers a horrifying secret – the residents are engaging in cannibalism.

Rich Young, co-founder of Ablaze, expressed, “Gannibal is a powerful and truly scary story.” He emphasized how horror manga has a reputation for deeply affecting narratives, and Gannibal is bound to leave a lasting impression on readers.

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Originally released in Japan in 2018, Gannibal’s live-action adaptation premiered on Hulu in December 2022. The series features stellar performances by Yuya Yagira, Sho Kasamatsu, and Riho Yoshioka.

In addition to Gannibal, Kickstarter is seeing a surge of new horror content this month. Notably, Matt Wagner and Kelley Jones are teaming up for a series of Dracula graphic novels, unveiling the origin tale of the iconic villain. Meanwhile, Hollywood’s Count Dracula takes center stage in a new biography titled “Béla Lugosi: The Man Behind the Cape.” Horror enthusiasts have much to look forward to in the coming year.


Source: IGN India

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