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Crunchyroll adds Hindi and English Dubs for the Anime Masamune-kun’s Revenge R

(Last Updated On: July 4, 2023)

Crunchyroll, the world-renowned anime streaming service, announced the addition of Hindi and English dubbed versions of the second season of the popular anime, Masamune-kun’s Revenge R (Masamune-kun no Revenge R). This television anime series is an adaptation of the manga by Hazuki Takeoka and Tiv.

Masamune-kun’s Revenge R premiered on AT-X channel at 9:00 p.m. (8:00 a.m. EDT) and was broadcasted on other channels including Tokyo MX, Sun TV, KBS Kyoto, and BS Fuji. The online radio station service, Onsen, resumed its semi-monthly radio program associated with the anime.

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The second season, initially set to premiere in April, experienced a delay until July due to the reevaluation of the production schedule in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The second season has added new cast members, including Miku Itō, who will be playing Muriel Besson, and Yasuyuki Kase, who will be lending his voice to Frank Besson.

The opening theme song, “Please, please!” is performed by Ayaka Ohashi, while ChouCho delivers the ending theme song, “twilight little star.” Fans may recall ChouCho as the performer of the previous season’s ending song, “Elemental World.” The new song’s lyrics and music are personally penned and composed by ChouCho, with an arrangement by Jun Murayama.

The Crunchyroll announcement indicated that the second season will be streamed worldwide, including the Indian subcontinent, with the exception of the rest of Asia.

Masamune-kun’s Revenge, the manga that inspired the anime, tells the story of Makabe Masamune, who was bullied as an overweight child by a girl, Adagaki Aki. Years later, after a dramatic transformation, Masamune re-emerges as a popular, handsome, and accomplished student at Aki’s school. Now, he is ready to face the girl who tormented him and finally exact his revenge.

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The first season of the anime series aired in January 2017, with Crunchyroll streaming the season as it aired in Japan. An English dubbed version was also made available by Funimation.

The introduction of Hindi and English dubs is likely to make the anime more accessible to a broader audience, particularly in India, thereby contributing to the growing popularity of anime in the country.


Source: Crunchyroll

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