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Crunchyroll Enthrals Indian Anime Lovers with 10 New Series

(Last Updated On: May 29, 2023)

Anime enthusiasts across the Indian subcontinent have a reason to celebrate! Crunchyroll, the world-renowned anime powerhouse renowned for serving millions of anime devotees across more than 200 countries, has expanded its vibrant repertoire in India with the launch of an astounding collection of 10 new anime series.

Bolstering its already rich lineup, Crunchyroll is pushing boundaries in the Indian anime space, with a meticulous selection of series that span across an eclectic mix of genres. From nail-biting action and spellbinding adventure to whimsical fantasy and light-hearted comedy, these new entrants promise to bring a plethora of gripping narratives that cater to the diverse tastes of Indian anime admirers.

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These latest additions to Crunchyroll’s library stand as a testament to the brand’s commitment towards providing a dynamic platform that meets the evolving demands of anime fans. With an intuitive understanding of the anime culture, Crunchyroll has skillfully curated a selection that offers a taste of everything, satisfying the cravings of both new anime explorers and seasoned veterans alike.

1. Soul Eater

Step into the supernatural world of Maka, a Meister, and Soul, her weapon partner. Together, they form a lethal team in battle against monsters that feed on innocent souls. This duo, alongside their classmates, represents the world’s last defence against evil.


This romantic comedy brings to life the story of a sadistic junior, Nagatoro, who manages to torment her senior, Senpai, into tears yet also make him yearn for her company.

3. takt op.Destiny

Experience a unique blend of action and music, where “Musicart” girls draw power from music to battle grotesque monsters known as D2, born from the “Kuroya Meteorite”.

4. Life With an Ordinary Guy Who Reincarnated Into a Total Fantasy Knockout

Witness the fantastical journey of office workers Tachibana Hinata and Jinguji Tsukasa, who are thrown into a mystical world where Tachibana morphs into an enchanting girl, and together they must defeat a Demon Lord.

5. TSUKIMICHI -Moonlit Fantasy-

Follow the tale of Makoto Misumi, an ordinary teenager summoned to a parallel universe, stripped of his hero status and banished to the wastelands. Watch him demonstrate his fighting and magical prowess to survive in this new world.

6. By the Grace of the Gods – Season 1

Experience the compassionate story about Ryoma Takebayashi, who is reincarnated as a boy in a magical world by three divine beings after dying young due to bad luck, and decides to use his power for the good of others.

7. Irina the Vampire Cosmonaut

Embark on a thrilling journey in a secret project during a space race between two superpowers, involving a human overseer and a vampire astronaut.

8. I’m Standing on a Million Lives

Enter a game-like alternate world with Yusuke Yotsuya, a logical and aloof middle schooler, who must protect his classmates from monsters, tough incidents, and cunning enemies to win the game.

9. Orient

Set in the Warring States era, join the journey of two young boys, Musashi and Kojiro, who dream of forming the strongest Bushi band to rebel against the demonic Kishin.

10. The Fruit of Evolution: Before I Knew It, My Life Had It Made

Laugh and empathize with the bullied “loser,” Hiiragi Seiichi, who becomes a “winner” after eating “the Fruit of Evolution” in a game-like fantasy world.

With an increasingly prominent presence in the Indian market, Crunchyroll is determined to fuel the love for anime in India, bridging the gap between Indian fans and globally loved anime content. This move is expected to further intensify the engagement of the burgeoning anime community in India, bringing fans closer to the immersive world of anime that they adore.

This new array of offerings by Crunchyroll is sure to meet the diverse preferences of the growing anime community in India. Stay tuned to Crunchyroll for a thrilling anime journey!


Source – Email Correspondence

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