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Crunchyroll Expands Anime Lineup in India with “Dropkick on My Devil!” and “Irodorimidori”

(Last Updated On: June 17, 2023)

Crunchyroll, the popular streaming platform for anime and manga, continues to enhance its offerings in India by introducing two exciting new additions to its lineup. On Thursday, Crunchyroll announced the availability of “Irodorimidori,” a television short anime inspired by the in-game band of the same name from Sega’s beloved Chunithm rhythm arcade game. Furthermore, on Wednesday, the platform introduced “Dropkick on My Devil!” (Jashin-chan Dropkick), a highly anticipated television anime.

“Irodorimidori” originally debuted in Japan in January 2022, captivating audiences with its musical prowess and vibrant storytelling. Based on Sega’s Chunithm arcade game, the anime revolves around the eponymous band’s adventures, immersing viewers in a world brimming with rhythm and melody. Indian fans can now indulge in the musical delights of “Irodorimidori” exclusively on Crunchyroll.

Meanwhile, “Dropkick on My Devil!” has been causing a stir among anime enthusiasts since its first season premiered in July 2018. The series captivates with its unique blend of comedy, supernatural elements, and endearing characters. Indian viewers can now join the misadventures of the lovable demon Jashin-chan and her human companion Yurine as they navigate a chaotic and hilarious world.

Not content with just these additions, Crunchyroll further enriched its content library in India by unveiling the English dub of the television anime adaptation of Bandai Namco Entertainment’s hit role-playing game, “Scarlet Nexus,” on Tuesday. The game itself gained immense popularity following its release in Japan in July 2021. Now, fans can fully immerse themselves in the captivating world of “Scarlet Nexus” through its English-dubbed anime adaptation.

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With these recent acquisitions, Crunchyroll continues to demonstrate its commitment to bringing diverse and compelling anime content to Indian audiences. Fans can look forward to more exciting releases and announcements as the platform further expands its catalog, catering to the growing appetite for anime in India.

Whether it’s through the enchanting melodies of “Irodorimidori,” the comedic escapades of “Dropkick on My Devil!,” or the immersive world of “Scarlet Nexus,” Crunchyroll provides a gateway to a vast and vibrant universe of anime, inviting viewers in India to explore and celebrate their love for this beloved art form.


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