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Crunchyroll Should Prioritize Hindi Dub Fixes over Bollywood Partnerships, Fans Say

(Last Updated On: July 15, 2023)

Crunchyroll’s recent partnership with Bollywood actor Tiger Shroff to celebrate anime in India has generated mixed reactions within the Indian anime community. While the collaboration aims to expand Crunchyroll’s brand presence and reach a broader audience, some fans have expressed disappointment and raised concerns about the company’s priorities, particularly regarding poor Hindi dubs and a lack of responsiveness.

Crunchyroll Should Prioritize Hindi Dub Fixes over Bollywood Partnerships, Fans Say

Fans have been critical of Crunchyroll’s handling of the Hindi dub for Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Season 3, highlighting issues with translation and dubbing quality. They feel that Crunchyroll has been out of touch with Indian fans and fails to address feedback effectively.

Ken Xyro, a prominent content creator, voiced disappointment, stating, “Crunchyroll India’s team has been unresponsive to fan comments and feedback. The quality of Hindi dubs, especially in Demon Slayer, has left fans dissatisfied.”

The announcement of the partnership with Tiger Shroff has added to fan discontent. Many believe that Crunchyroll should focus on improving dubbing quality and acquiring popular anime titles, rather than investing in celebrity collaborations. They argue that Crunchyroll is not meeting the desires of the Indian anime fanbase.

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Fans took to the comments section of Crunchyroll’s Instagram post, expressing concerns and suggesting alternative collaborations. Some emphasized the need to enhance dubbing quality, while others proposed Indian actors like Disha Patani and Rashmika Mandal, known for their love of anime.

However, it’s worth noting that Tiger Shroff himself is an anime enthusiast, particularly passionate about Dragon Ball Z. While some appreciate his genuine interest, others believe the collaboration with Bollywood stars is unnecessary and not aligned with their expectations.

In conclusion, Crunchyroll’s partnership with Tiger Shroff has sparked divided opinions among Indian anime fans. Disappointment with poor dubbing and a perceived lack of responsiveness has fueled criticism. As fans continue to voice their concerns, Crunchyroll faces the challenge of addressing these issues and meeting the expectations of its dedicated Indian fanbase.


Source: IGN

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