Crunchyroll to Stream B-PROJECT Passion*Love Call Anime Simulcast

On Sunday, Crunchyroll made an exciting announcement regarding the streaming of B-Project -NetsuretsuLove Call-, the highly anticipated third season of the B-PROJECT idol franchise.

Fans can catch the action as it unfolds in Japan, with the first episode scheduled to drop on Monday, October 2, at 10:30 a.m. PDT (1:30 p.m. EDT). The streaming platform will present the series under the title “B-PROJECT PassionLove Call.”

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Describing the narrative of this new season, Crunchyroll sets the stage with the following storyline:

The renowned idol unit “B-PROJECT” has triumphantly wrapped up their second JAPAN Dome live concert, marking a pivotal moment in the trajectory of the major record company, “Gandara Music.”

Tsubasa Sumizora, a dedicated A&R professional, now finds herself overseeing not only familiar acts like “KITA-KORE,” “THRIVE,” “MooNs,” and “KiLLER KiNG” but also a fresh artist from an entirely different genre named “Ultras.”

The electrifying synergy born from the union of B-PROJECT and Ultras sparks a thrilling and passionate “love call” that resonates with all who witness it!

B-PROJECT Passion*Love Call Anime

This latest installment of the series is set to premiere in Japan on October 2, initially gracing the screens of TV Tokyo, TV Osaka, and AT-X before making its debut on BS-NTV on October 5.

While the core staff and cast members are making their return, there is an interesting twist this time around: Asahi Production takes the reins of production, a change from the previous seasons that were helmed by A-1 Pictures or BN Pictures. The core creative team behind the scenes remains intact, ensuring the continuation of the B-PROJECT legacy.

  • Production: Asahi Production
  • Original Work: B-PROJECT (MAGES.)
  • Planning, Original Work: Chiyomaru Shikura
  • Executive Producer: Takanori Nishikawa
  • Original Illustrations: Utako Yukihiro

B-PROJECT is MAGES’ imaginative male idol initiative, boasting character designs crafted by Utako Yukihiro, the creator of Devils and Realist.

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The inaugural season of the anime debuted in July 2016, with Crunchyroll providing real-time streaming during its broadcast. Subsequently, the second season graced screens in January 2019, and Crunchyroll once again facilitated concurrent streaming of this season.


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