CTW Introduces Black Lagoon Manga’s Inaugural Browser Game

(Last Updated On: September 20, 2023)

On Tuesday, CTW made an exciting announcement about their upcoming project – a freemium game based on Rei Hiroe’s renowned manga, Black Lagoon, titled “Black Lagoon: Heaven’s Shot.” This highly anticipated game will be accessible worldwide on CTW’s online platform, G123.

While a specific release date for the manga’s inaugural consumer game remains undisclosed, pre-registrations are now open.

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Rei Hiroe introduced the Black Lagoon manga in Shogakukan’s Monthly Sunday GX back in 2002. As of August 2021, Shogakukan had published the manga’s 12th volume. In North America, Viz Media is responsible for publishing the series, with the 12th volume hitting shelves in August 2022. Notably, the manga has experienced several hiatuses and returns since 2010.

Black Lagoon’s first spinoff manga, “Black Lagoon: Sōji-ya Sawyer – Kaitai! Gore Gore Musume,” is helmed by Tatsuhiro Ida and made its debut in Monthly Sunday GX in September 2019. Additionally, a second spinoff manga titled “Black Lagoon Eda -initial stage-” by Hajime Yamamura began serialization in Monthly Sunday GX in April 2022.

Black Lagoon Manga's Inaugural Browser Game

Madhouse brought the manga to life with two television anime series in 2006, followed by the “Black Lagoon: Roberta’s Blood Trail” OVA in 2010. The North American audience had the pleasure of experiencing these series through Geneon’s DVD releases in 2007-2008, which were later re-released by Funimation on both DVD and Blu-ray Disc in 2012 and 2015.

Rei Hiroe’s creative talents extended beyond Black Lagoon, as he also served as the original creator for the Re:CREATORS television anime series. Hiroe not only provided the original character designs but also took charge of scripting and overseeing the series. This 22-episode anime made its debut in April 2017.

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In addition to his notable works, Hiroe launched “341 Sentōdan (341 RMR Battlegroup)” in Shogakukan’s Monthly Shonen Sunday magazine in June 2019, further solidifying his place in the world of manga and anime.


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