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Current State Of Anime In India

So today people in India don’t know much about Anime. They don’t know that they have seen anime in their childhood like Dragon Ball Z and Pokemon. The parents in India feel that these are cartoons. If you are watching anime and any friend of yours will make fun like you are not grown or matured , still watching cartoons. The person will be demoralized and will feel embarrassed to watch some more and eventually stop. We will take about Current State of Anime In India.

Wrong Targeting of Audience

Wrong conception is present in mind of Indian people that animated stuff like TV series or Movies are only for children.

In India the anime are targeted for children. But the distributors and Censor board gives argument that these are Violent and provide wrong values to the children and cut alot of sences and change dialogues.
They don’t realize that anime are for more older and matured individuals like Teenagers and above 15 or 16. So this is all consequences of wrong perception and wrong targeting of the audiences.

Values Taught by Anime

Parents first don’t realize what anime is. Then they think that it is just waste of time for their children.

Anime Friend ship

They don’t realize that other than fighting and violence. Anime teaches real life skills like Hardship, Freindship, Determination to wards the goal, Courage, Time management in life, Teamwork, It also changes way if thinking towards the life, It improves the creative part of child’s Brain and many more social skills and Values. Which children are lacking these days.

Bad Indian Animation and Story Of Cartoons

India animations like chota bheem, mighty raju are all garbage. They are more unrealistic than anime that one person is getting stronger by eating Ladoo or Samosa. No disrespect to any Indian created or Animator but these types of story telling are making children more passive. They should animate educational stories from Maharashtra and Ramayana as well as India history, but with right story telling without any Mirch Masala to change story. These will be more impact full for younger audience rather than adult anime or wrong impractical Indian cartoons.

Improving Situation of Anime in India

After the easily approach of internet to large number of people the masses are coming to know about anime , manga and good Indian as well as foreign content. With the help of platforms anime and manga fans are engaging and talking about their favorite anime , manga and movies. Companies like Shonen Jump has been reacting in good way as they have introduce changes in their platform so that Indian can read manga freely and easily. These are good signs for healthy audience whose is getting to no about great content and animations in the world of Anime in India.

How to watch Anime In India

In India the availability of anime series is a problem because anime is not aired on TV. But we can watch them on streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video but these are paid. Even some are also available on YouTube.

And with this increasing popularity in India the chance are websites like funimation and cruncyroll will be available in India. Some people are watching pirated series I am totally against it, but in the long run this will create more popularity of Anime. Ultimately encouraging anime distributor to launch more anime on TV and streaming services in India.

How Anime India Started?

We started this website with a frustration in mind that why nobody knows about Anime here. We started Anime India with one goal to educate people about Anime In India. And we are pumped up for it. We are providing with Anime, Manga, movies and gaming related stuff. We are give latest Anime, Manga news, Fan theories, Reviews, Gaming and many more. Support us with sharing the content at social media and people we know about Anime. In return the Anime and Manga will get popular in India.


I challenge all my readers that they once start watching any Below given Anime or start reading any given below Manga, their life will definitely change.

Just be courageous to start one.

Famous Anime & Manga

  • One piece
  • Golgo 13
  • Black Jack
  • Dragon Ball
  • Kochira Katsushika
  • Detective Conan/ Case Closed
  • Naruto
  • Oishinbo
  • Slam Dunk
  • Bleach
  • Hajimi no Ippo
  • Captain Tsubasa
  • Sazae-san
  • Kindaichi Case Files

If any any anime fans weather Indian or not. If reading then please share it as much you can so that we could bring Anime in India.

Stay tuned for  more upcoming Anime and Manga awesomeness.

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  1. Titles on FUNimation change often, so some of the shows you really want to see might be available one day and then gone the next. The good thing is this works both ways. If they don’t have what you want to watch today, they might in a week or two. Still, a great site to watch anime online.

  2. Great post!
    Also check out for current subbed (EngSub) anime series.
    They have great quality and episodes are quickly added!

  3. This is a pretty great site for anime. It has all the newer big titles as well as the classics. While there are some more obscure shows I couldn’t find on the site, I can’t really fault them since I can barely find them anywhere online. They have a good selection overall.

  4. You should add anime crave it has every anime show in english and if there is not a show on there you can request for it to be added and you gain points by watching anime to get free stuff

  5. They have a lot of animes for you to choose from. One of the best websites for dubbed anime for me.

  6. So where should i start first? AnimeHeaven has all my favourite english dubbed anime shows. Take note those are full episodes and there are options to watch it on different resolutions especially on HD. Thumbs up too that it has a download option so with this i can just download an episode and watch it later.

  7. Great!!!! Anime website I’ve found countless anime’s of both series as well as movies on this site… so for me this one by far is the best!!!! Thanks for adding it and to all who’ve watched anything on this site I know you’ve enjoyed watching the High Definition Quality as I have 🙂

  8. Animestory is a website where users can watch and stream anime shows and movies for free. It has a wide catalog of series dubbed in Japanese. Users won’t have to

  9. I love your articles

  10. You are a very clever person!

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  12. Chhota Bheem actually is awesome!! It looks Indian and connects well than any other Japanese anime. The only exceptions are older animes that went popular like Shinchan, Doraemon, Dragon ball z etc. The current age Japanese anime don’t connect even with the kids. Chhota Bheem is far better than them.

    1. See we are not criticizing Chota Bheem. But, saying that it’s meant for very young audience under 10 years. Like shinchan or doremon.
      Rest of Anime is more mature like death note is a great anime but child of 10 years may not understand it.
      The thing is in India we don’t have good animated content for audience of age group say 14 to 18 ( teenagers ).
      And here anime comes in.

      1. Yes you are right and i also think that proper platform is also needed for it and my message to Indian Creator would be like they should learn something from the Indian Anime like Karmachakra they should put some real things in it …

  13. Hey thanks for building anime awareness in India. Coincidentally I also am a blogger who runs a small website. Anyway great content and great writers. I will be checking your website from mow

    1. I would love to check out your content.

  14. In this quarantine ready to take challenge
    And then I remember that have already watched all of them and would suggest you to include anime like grand blue they are literally hilarious

    1. Ya sure

    2. Thanks for telling.

  15. Hey Arjun thanks for this post first of all. I am an anime enthusiast and how Indians view anime doesn’t bode with me well. BTW, my first and all time favourites is Naruto and currently following the boruto series,’cuz you know why. Anyway the recommendations are all old school animes which have long haul of episodes with gut wrenching fillers and canon episodes. So, I would suggest if you want to draw new anime fans through your blogs give them a taste of short ,beautiffully animated , mature content so they get drawn easily . Like, Deathnote, Chihayafuru,Clannad( s1 and after story),Death Parade, Code Geass( s1 & s2 +the 3rd movie),Demon Slayer, Summer Wars etc. These anime plots are well matured to get the shitty consent off and get down to business. My hard drive consists over 100 animes that covers all the spectrum that anime can provide, which unfortunately I can’t in a single comment . So , GOOD LUCK BUDDY! PEACE OUT!

  16. Disney is trying to ban anime sites in India
    F**k you Disney f**k you b*tch
    Just read this

  17. Awesome Bro!post like this

  18. I want to know how much population of india watch anime?..

    1. Buddy that’s a very difficult question to answer, we don’t have any data regarding that. But one thing is for sure the anime loving audience in India must have greater number than the population of many countries.

  19. Anime popularity is slowly and gradually increasing

    1. Thanks for your thoughts, Do share this piece of content with more anime fans so that they can understand what really is going on with Anime in India.

  20. i just started watching one piece a month back and i’m loving it so far. It has a great story line, silly humor and and is filled with action and dramatic scenes. Next i’m going to watch black clover.

    1. Man!!! watch black clover, you gonna love it. One Piece is undoubtedly the king of shonen anime.


  22. have u got license to show animes?

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