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Dabi, called Blueflame by Geten, was the main support antagonist in the series My Hero Academia , a villain in League of  Villains , and a member of the organization’s Vanguard Action Squad. He and other members of his team serve as the main adversaries for Forest Training Camp Arc. He is also active as an adversary for Pro Hero Arc.

DABI - my hero academia

He later became one of the nine members of the Paranormal Front, an organization formed from an alliance and an association of Meta Liberation Army.


Dabi is a young man who is said to be in his early twenties and is quite tall and slightly empty. He has long black hair, has spiked around his head and hangs low above his eyes. The eyes are thin, turquoise and heavily covered. However, his most striking feature is undoubtedly a wrinkled and creased purple skin patch that passes most of the lower face and neck, the collarbone, and covers the eyes, arms and legs. They appear to adhere to the rest of the skin with multiple rough surgical staples or hoop earrings, and it is impossible to determine whether these wounds are accidental or self-injurious.

He has several silver cartilage holes in both ears and a triple nostril hole on the right side of the nose. In his first appearance, he wears a dark blue jacket with a high, torn collar, and matching trousers cut off on the ankle, and dark dress shoes on the feet. There is also a plain gray scoop neck shirt with a circular pattern of gray belts wrapped around the waist and a leather bag attached to the back.

When he joined the Vanguard Action Squad, the appearance was updated, with a large scarlet coat with two large metal cuffs at the end of each elbow-length sleeve, and a white stitch design on each shoulder. And the hem was torn, extending to the knees. His shirt and belt remain the same, but he replaces his trousers with some dark pants and his shoes replace black boots.


Dabi's Quirk Cremation

Cremation: Dabi’s fire coffin gives him the ability to instantly generate a blue flame from his body, expelling them freely from any part of the body with minimal effort. His flame is very hot and colored blue, so its temperature and intensity is higher than normal fire and is considered to be enough to burn the entire group of villains into ash in just a few seconds . Dabi can also burn everything he touches, including hard materials such as wood, rocks, and cement.

Aggressively, Dabi uses his flames by creating fireballs, flamethrower-like attacks, and fire explosions. Defensive, Dabi can generate enough fire to form a large fire wall that surrounds the target.

Dabi’s body is less resistant to his own flames and will burn if used for a long time


Dabi is a stoic, lo proud, confident and focused individual who rarely shows emotions. Although quite crude and violent, Mirko chose to withdraw when she arrived to support Endeavor, and did not leak too much information to Hawk about the high end for the early stages of the relationship.


Dabi is intolerant to most people and can be very ridiculous. Immediately after meeting him, he insults Shigaraki Tomura and always does the same to his allies and enemies. He was reluctant to introduce himself and rudely shaken Tomura’s questions about his true name.

Despite his usual expressionless behavior, Dabi is delighted to establish himself as a villain fighting what he believes is a fake hero. He rejoices while mocking heroic characters, students and professional heroes. He also feels sadistic pleasure from the pain it gives to others, including those who were killed.

Dabi is dedicated to Hero Killer. Stein’s mission and desire to destroy superhuman society. He is focused on his goals and remains immobile through the movement of the League of Villains. Dabi’s motive seems to surpass his personal feelings faithfully to Tomla, despite being hit when he first met. He laughed when he recalled killing Snatch, but Dabi seems to be related to a hero and a family suffering for the villains.


Overall ability: Dabi is a very capable villain, one of the strongest members of Vanguard Action Squad and its leader. He has the power and ingenuity to fight many professional heroes. The Dabi doubles created by Twice were known to be weaker than the actual villains, but during the invasion of the forest, they blocked both professional heroes Vlad King and Eraser Head. It was enough. Dabi could easily repel the bomb escort team and eventually restrained Katsumi after the explosion alone with one hand. With the help of Mr. Compression, Dabi was able to overwhelm and kill Sandhero: Snatch in a highway battle. After Endeavor and Hawks defeated the high-end Nom, Hood, Dabi appeared on the same battlefield and confronted the top two heroes. Dabi is fighting with two people, and considering the hero’s weakened state, Dabi may have defeated Endeavor and Hawks. Without Mirko’s arrival, Dabi retreated Dabi with his allied warping ability.

Keen Intellect: Dabi has been shown to be very smart and strategic. He planned to send his double to distract the attention of professional heroes while confining the students in the forest. Dabi pays great attention to everything around him, whether he is reading someone’s intentions or reading the weaknesses of jealousy. He easily identified Tomura’s instability and not only looked at the stoic nature of Tokimatsu at a glance, but also estimated and used the limits of snatch traps.



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