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Dandadan Mangaka’s Data Loss, Deleted Final Pages with No Backup

(Last Updated On: May 29, 2023)

In a heart-stopping tech mishap, Yukinobu Tatsu, the brilliant mind behind the Dandadan manga, found himself on the brink of losing an immense amount of hard work. The recent physical release of Shōnen Jump’s Dandadan series included a heartfelt message from Tatsu, confessing to a grave error. The creator admitted to accidentally overriding the data for the final pages of an entire chapter.

Volume 3 of the immensely popular series concluded with Tatsu sharing a personal story, revealing the terrifying incident. Without any backup, he was perilously close to losing all the painstakingly crafted work. Though Tatsu managed to salvage the project, he described the experience as nothing short of “truly frightening.”

Yukinobu Tatsu boasts an impressive career as a manga artist, with numerous titles to his name. Among his notable creations are the baseball sports manga Fire Ball!, the enigmatic science fiction tale Seigi no Rokugou, and the monster-infested one-shot Yamada Kikki Ippatsu.

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Additionally, he has worked as an assistant to the renowned Tatsuki Fujimoto, contributing to the success of Chainsaw Man and Fire Punch. However, it is Dandadan that stands as Tatsu’s magnum opus, capturing the hearts of fans and earning their votes as one of the most desired anime adaptations on platforms like My Anime List.

Dandadan Mangaka's Data Loss, Deleted Final Pages with No Backup

Speculation and rumors about an anime adaptation of Tatsu’s work have been rife, fueled by the immense popularity of Dandadan. However, as of now, there have been no official announcements regarding its production. Fans continue to eagerly await news of the series making its way onto the animated screen.

The incident serves as a reminder of the delicate nature of creative work, where a single tech mishap can potentially erase countless hours of dedication. Yukinobu Tatsu’s brush with disaster emphasizes the importance of backup systems and the fragility of artistic endeavors.

As fans, let us appreciate the dedication and resilience of creators like Tatsu, whose passion and talent bring us captivating stories, while hoping that the future holds exciting developments for Dandadan and its journey to the realm of animation.


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