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Dark Gathering Horror Manga Gets Anime, Premier 2023

(Last Updated On: July 26, 2022)

“Dark Gathering” is an occult that begins when a spiritual boy, Gentogawa Keitaro, meets a girl with mysterious eyes, Hozuki Yayoi, in the work of a tutor. Horror. Yoyoi, who needs to attract Taro to find his mother who was taken away by evil spirits, and Taro, who decided to develop the ability to deal with the spirit medium in order to break the curse of himself and his loved ones.

It will form a cooperative relationship. It is serialized in Jump Square (Shueisha), and the book is being published up to Volume 9. The animation was announced today after July 26th is “Ghost Day”. Directed by Hiroshi Ikehata of “Flocking! Seaton Gakuen” and “Kiratto Pri Chan”, and produced by OLM.

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.Gentoga Keitaro, who is a spirit medium, has been withdrawn since he was once affected by a spiritual disorder and involved a friend. When he started tutoring to reintegrate into society, he met a girl with mysterious eyes, Yayoi Hozuki. 

Evening, when her mother was taken away by a demon, went around her psychic spot in search of her clues. She was a strong medium-sized evening, but she was avoided by the spirits, so she needed a ghostly constitution. 

On the other hand, Kataro decides to develop the ability to deal with the medium quality in order to break the curse of himself and his loved one, and the two decide to form a cooperative relationship. The craziest new sensation occult horror opens here!


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