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Dark Horse Scores Exclusive Manga License for “Captain Momo’s Secret Base”

On Wednesday, Dark Horse made an exciting announcement, revealing their acquisition of Kenji Tsuruta’s manga masterpiece, “Captain Momo’s Secret Base” (Momo Kanchо̄ no Himitsu Kichi).

Readers can anticipate the release of the inaugural, oversized volume, spanning 140 pages, set to hit shelves on May 15, 2024.

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Dark Horse offers this intriguing glimpse into the narrative:

Dark Horse Scores Exclusive Manga

Meet Moshi-Moshi Momo, who, like countless others, works from the comfort of her home. However, her home is not your typical abode—it’s a cozy corner within a starship, where the concept of time takes on a new meaning. In the year 3019 AD, humanity has embraced a remarkably laid-back approach to work, and Momo often forgoes her captain’s uniform, and sometimes even clothing altogether, aboard the cargo vessel known as the Blue Chateau.

Her days are filled with battles against interstellar ennui, navigating the intricacies of company directives, wrestling with dwindling battery power, and contending with her perpetually underfoot feline companion, Grandpa John.

But fear not, armed with an abundance of reading material and a crate of peach liqueur, as she embarks on the lengthy journey beyond Proxima Centauri, Captain Momo, the epitome of a space slacker, will ultimately vindicate Newton’s assertion—a body at rest does indeed remain at rest!

The manga will be skillfully translated by Dana Lewis, renowned for her work on “Wandering Island.”

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Kenji Tsuruta, the creative mind behind “Emanon,” introduced this captivating manga in the pages of Rakuen Le Paradis back in June 2017. Hakusensha unveiled the first compiled volume of this series in March 2022.


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