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Deku Awakens His 3rd QUIRK – FLOAT! One FOR ALL Explained

Finally, Deku has done it he has unlocked Nana Shimura’s, Float Quirk. The Chapter starts with the cover page all students looking at the destruction caused by Gigantomachia . Shoji says other heroes must be far away as he cannot sense anybody around them. Then we see Tokoyami bandaged hawks along with carrying some people who were looking like scientists. The people he has saved look like from the paranormal liberation front. Momo witnesses the outcome of the situation, the only reason they weren’t killed was that Gigantomachia didn’t even know they were there.

Deku Awakens His 3rd QUIRK
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We see what happens after ch 280, Gigantomachia‘s body has grown as he started wreaking havoc one everyone below by slashing on the ground, presumingly killing and injuring the heroes in his way. But, before he managed to hurt any students, Majestic uses his quirk to float the students away from danger. Majestic saving the next generation lets them know that the choices and actions the kids took will not be in vain. As kids go away, Gigantomachia takes another slash on the ground killing Majestic and all other heroes.

After this brief flashback, the Students then discuss the consequences of their failure and they think back on every decision they made leading to this outcome. The fact that the anesthetic didn’t kicked in to Gigantomachia in time alot of lives were lost. The following panels shaws an unconcious hawk. If Hawk’s prior actions of murdering Twice were morally correct in the first palace. To be a step ahead of villans Hawk had to blend the line b/w good and evil. Even though Hawlk recongnised that twice wasn’t a bad person, was simply a man with the mental problems.

Then we see Gigantomachia and the extreme destruction of the city that he was towering over at the end of ch 282. The villains were enjoying the scene and the crazy doctor says that in the end efforts of all heroes were worthless. He says Gigantomachia was engineered to die for his lord. As the doctor finishes, we again see Shigaraki. He sees Deku looking as Shigaraki in rage and Aizawa sensai unconscious. Then we see Todoroki and Endeavor in the next panel. Then we see Bakugo getting angry with himself.

Shigaraki gets ready to kill everyone we see his body ripping apart. We know that Shigaraki is not fully complete and the result of this in-completion would be devastating. Then he realizes that his regeneration quirk is not kicking right away.

Then we see Deku finally figuring out a battle plan to defeat Shigaraki. He understands that Shigaraki’s body can’t keep up with All For One as same his body can’t keep up with One For All. As both of then were given these abilities by their mentors and both of then will fulfill their legacies. Shigaraki realises that his regeration has finnally kick in. He touches the ground and a big wave of decay comes.


Then in this moments Deku lifts everyone in sky and uses black whip to hold everyone around him into the air thinking to himself ONE FOR ALL the seventh user Float. Gran Torino then remembers that its Nana Shimura’s, Float Quirk. Then Deku appear in the front of Shigaraki saying your right , we are ending this right here right now.

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