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Deku’s Latest Power-Up Reveals Startling Similarities with Shigaraki

(Last Updated On: February 23, 2023)

The world of My Hero Academia has plunged into chaos and anarchy due to the never-ending onslaught of villainous attacks. The Hero Association, once the beacon of hope, is struggling to keep up with the increasing criminal activity. As a result, chaos reigns in different parts of the country, and innocent people are left vulnerable to the nefarious deeds of the villains.

Adding to the woes of the heroes, Endeavor, the number one hero, is in a slump after the shocking revelation of Dabi’s true identity. With their backs against the wall, the heroes are compelled to take drastic measures to protect the innocent and save lives.

But amidst this turmoil, Midoriya, the young and determined hero, takes matters into his own hands. He goes rogue, with the help of his allies, constantly honing his skills and Quirks to become even stronger. His recent exploits show how he and Shigaraki, the notorious villain, are now two sides of the same coin, locked in a battle of opposing ideologies.

To make matters worse, the villains, who escaped from the maximum-security prison of Tartarus, are wreaking havoc across the country. Most of them have returned to their evil ways, while some have joined forces with the diabolical mastermind All For One. Even the villains who were once in hiding among the populace have gained the confidence to come out into the open, emboldened by the unchecked criminal activities.

The Hero Association, struggling to keep up with the ever-increasing crimes, has designated various locations as shelters for the innocent. With their limited workforce, the heroes are focused on protecting these shelters and ensuring the safety of the people seeking refuge. It’s a daunting task, but the heroes are determined to fight till the very end and restore peace and order to their troubled world.

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Midoriya on the Prowl: Tracking Down Villains with a Heroic Fervor

Midoriya has decided to go rogue in order to protect his loved ones from Shigaraki and All For One’s constant pursuit. He roams the dystopian landscape, tirelessly battling escaped villains from Tartarus and rescuing as many civilians as possible.

But Midoriya isn’t just saving lives – he’s also using these situations to perfect his Quirks. Supported by All Might, Endeavor, Hawks, and Best Jeanist, he coordinates his moves with precision and skill. And now, he has an even greater advantage: the ability to communicate with the previous One For All users, who are helping him master their unique abilities.

As Midoriya fights on, he never knows where his next battle will take him. But with his incredible determination and growing arsenal of Quirks, he’s more than ready to take on whatever challenges come his way.

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The Role Reversal: Midoriya Faces the Same Struggles as Shigaraki

Shigaraki, the infamous villain of My Hero Academia, has been under the nefarious All For One’s wing since the inception of the series. All For One has been sculpting Shigaraki to be the perfect vessel for his own twisted ambitions, endowing him with powerful Quirks and making him stronger than ever before. However, unlike Midoriya, who recently gained the ability to communicate with his predecessors, Shigaraki has always been able to converse with All For One. It was this very communication that served as a tool for All For One to indoctrinate the young villain, as his physical form was locked away deep in Tartarus.


While both Shigaraki and Midoriya have similar experiences, they couldn’t be more different in their ideologies. Midoriya holds a great reverence for the previous wielders of One For All, and they reciprocate this respect. Consequently, the previous owners only desire for the young hero to master their powers and, if possible, go beyond. However, the relationship between All For One and Shigaraki is far from one of mutual admiration. Shigaraki despises his mentor and master, and All For One is constantly trying to take over Shigaraki’s body. This contrasting dynamic perfectly exemplifies the central struggle between the hero and villain of My Hero Academia.

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