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Delicious in Dungeon Manga Gets TV Anime by Studio Trigger

(Last Updated On: August 10, 2022)

Ryoko Kui’s ” Dungeon Meshi” will be made into a TV anime. Animation production will be handled by TRIGGER. “Dungeon meal” is a “hungry dungeon fantasy” that realistically depicts how to eat monsters that are familiar in fantasy works logically as “creatures” and then cook them as “ingredients”. Serialized in Haruta (KADOKAWA), the latest 12 volumes were released today August 10th.

To commemorate the TV animation, the teaser visual has also been lifted. In the center of the dungeon are Raios, the witch girl Marcil, the locksmith Chilchuck, and the dwarf Sensi, who surround the large pot deep inside the dungeon. The state of entering was drawn.

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In addition, the serialized magazine Haruta Vol.96 (KADOKAWA), which will be released on August 12, comes with a “scribble book” by Kui as a binding project.

 It contains 24 pages in full color, including manga that could not be included in the character book “Dungeon Meal World Guide Adventurer’s Bible” released last year, and illustrations of Raios and his friends enjoying summer vacation.

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