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Delicious Party Precure T.V Anime Release Trailer, Premier 6th February 2022

On Sunday, Delicious Party Precure Release Trailer of their upcoming T.V anime series. Toei Animation released the anime trailer along with other important details like the main cast, staff on their official website. Moreover, they also unveil the official release date of the anime which is 6th February 2022. 

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Furthermore, the opening theme song “Cheers! Delicious Party Precure” is made by Machico. also the Chihaya Yoshitake for the ending song “Delicious Happy Days” will be available for sale after March 30. 

Main Staff of Delicious Party Precure T.V anime series: 

The director of the series is Toshinori Fukazawa (known for his work in One Piece and Dryland) along with scripts writing in charge Sawako Hirabayashi (famous for Baby Gamaba and Wolf Girl & Black Prince). Also, the characters are going to be designed by Kyoko Yufu along with Ryuutaruo Masuda and Rie Iida. Last but not least, the music composer of Delicious Party Precure is Shiho Terada (known for his work in Getter Robo Arc and Tropical-Rouge! Procure). 

Meals bringing smiling faces are the main key phrases of the Delicious Party Precure and it’s going to be all about cooking. Moreover, the realm where everyone lives is called Cookingdom and it’s quite mysterious. It’s going to be a combination of detective and cooking shows with a childish environment. 


Source: Delicious Party♡Precure anime’s website via Anime New Network

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