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Demon Slayer Movie Listed With Oscar-qualifying Run in Miami Theater

(Last Updated On: February 25, 2021)

TBS-affiliated Japan News Network service reported on Tuesday that a seven-day limited Oscar-qualified theater performance will be held in Miami, for the Demon Slayer – Kimetsu no Yaiba-Movie: Mugan Train Anime Movie. The Demon Slayer Movie theatrical run will begin this friday.

Demon Slayer Movie Listed With Oscar-qualifying Run in Miami Theater
Academy Awards

At Merrick Park, a landmark theater chain in Coral Gables near Miami, the film will be showing three times a day on Friday. The Academy Awards are usually only for movies that have been shown in theaters for at least seven days in Los Angeles County, but the award announced in April 2020 is for the new Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) It was announced in the light of fashion. You can qualify for the film by showing it at theaters in Los Angeles County, as well as at venues in New York City, San Francisco Bay Area, Chicago, Miami, or Atlanta.

The Funimation and Aniplex of America previously announced that it would screen a movie in a North American theater in early 2021. For India PVR Cinemas’ official Instagram page responded to fan inquiries about Demon Slayer – Kimetsu no Yaiba – The Movie: Mugen Train anime film India release. The comment stated that they are in touch with the official distributors of the anime movie.

Demon Slayer – Kimetsu no Yaiba – Movie: Infinite Train began showing on October 16th at 38 IMAX theaters in Japan. The film had the highest opening weekend in the world on the weekends 16-18 October. The film sold 3,424,930 tickets in the first three days and earned 4,623,117,450 yen (about US $ 43.85 million) in Japan. The movie sold 910,507 tickets on the first day alone, earning 1,268,724,700 yen (about US $ 12.03 million), making it the highest weekday opening day in Japan. Mugen Train began hosting immersive MX4D and 4DX screenings on Saturday, December 26th.

After 12 consecutive weeks at the top of Japan’s box office, the film fell to second place on the weekends of January 9-10 and the thirteenth weekend. The movie returned to number one on the weekend of the 14th week, but was number three on tickets sold during the weekend of February 20-21.

This movie surpassed Hayao Miyazaki’s 2002 Spirited Away. This is the last Japanese box office rival to make the highest profit ever. (Spirited Away earned 30.8 billion yen in the initial run, but after the revival screening this summer, it earned a total of 31.68 billion yen.) The Demon Slayer movie is now the most profitable movie in the world. It is a Japanese movie that is spirited away.

Source – TBS News’ JNN via Animenewsnetwork


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