(Last Updated On: March 15, 2023)

Demon Slayer is back with a bang and has left fans stunned with its breathtaking animation and a thrilling new storyline. The long-awaited Season 3 has finally arrived, and it promises to deliver the best villains of the series so far, alongside a captivating new Hashira character that viewers will fall in love with.

The premiere of the new season follows Tanjiro and Nezuko as they recover from the events of the previous season and make their way to the Swordsmith Village. Along the way, they encounter two new Hashira – the Mist Hashira and the Love Hashira – and prepare to face the remaining Upper Moons. But as they move forward, Muzan also reevaluates his approach to taking down the Demon Slayer Corps.

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The highlight of the new season is undoubtedly the demons. With the remaining Upper Moons introduced, viewers are treated to a thrilling new set of villains, each with their own unique personality and quirks. The former, Doma, brings a playful charisma that hides a sadistic nature, while the latter, Kokushibo, is a captivating and mysterious figure that promises to explore the larger lore of the series.

But it’s not just the new villains that have fans buzzing. The animation in Demon Slayer Season 3 is simply breathtaking, with Studio Ufotable using fluid 3D animation to immerse viewers in the Infinity Castle and other crucial settings. The animation elevates the source material and brings the world of Demon Slayer to life in a way that must be seen to be believed.

The new season also promises to explore the story of Yoriichi Tsugikuni, the series’ most mysterious figure, who poses the biggest threat to Muzan and has a connection to Tanjiro. The pacing of the show is expertly handled by writer Koyoharu Gotouge, who knows how to balance action, lore, and humor, and director Haruo Sotozaki, who knows when to go all out with dynamic direction and when to linger on a tender moment.

Speaking of humor, the new season is not lacking in that department either. The Love Hashira, Mitsuri, brings a refreshing optimism to the series, and her dynamic with Nezuko is adorable. The animation simplifies characters’ facial expressions to deliver hilarious reactions, and the pacing is spot-on, with moments of levity perfectly placed throughout the show.

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All in all, Demon Slayer Season 3 promises to be another stunning chapter in Tanjiro and Nezuko’s story, with must-watch moments for anime fans everywhere. If you haven’t already, mark your calendars for March 3 and prepare to be blown away by one of the most beautiful anime series of our time.

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